The Dream Team is a consumer/survivor run group dedicated to advocacy, education and research in the areas of supportive housing, mental health, discrimination and stigma.

The Dream Team has begun work on the “Safe at Home” project to create awareness about a growing problem in our communities involving the takeover of units of vulnerable tenants by drug traffickers. We call our team, The Housing Unit Takeover Task Force.

Takeovers involve complex social, economic and psychological dependencies in which drug traffickers exploit vulnerable tenants and their housing. Very little research on the topic exists, yet takeovers are very common.

We are looking for people who might be residents, ex-residents, friends, neighbours, family, frontline staff or other persons to discuss their experience with this problem. You will be asked to fill out simple surveys, or to join us in confidential interviews, which will be safely and privately facilitated by peers of The Dream Team. If you have personally experienced a takeover in your unit, been witness to or have worked with people who experienced takeovers, we would be interested in speaking to you.

To learn more about the project, interviews, surveys and financial incentives for participating, please contact us. All communication is strictly confidential.

Lead researcher – Eric Weissman Ph.D. at: (416-516-1422 ext. 251)

Dream Team Coordinator – Joanna Pawelkiewicz at: (416-516-1422 ext. 262)

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