Do you want to improve your fitness, wellness and overall health?

ONTrack is a FREE program for young adults 16-24 who self-identify as someone with a mild to moderate mood or mental health challenge. It is an 8-week program with on-going registration starting in May.

Mindfulness Flow Yoga | Strength and Endurance Circuit | Core Fusion | Vinyasa Yoga | Mindful Edge Meditation | Gravity | Athletics

ONTrack uniquely provides:

  • A Peer-Support Worker to support participants throughout the program, in class and out of class
  • An extra 15 minutes before class and after class for check-in and check-out activities. Breaking down barriers and getting to know your classmates and instructors
  • Goal-setting and choice for personal growth
  • Continual feedback opportunity and a chance to measure your mental health progress


Where: Miles Nadal JCC – 750 Spadina Ave.
Contact and registration: 416-924-6211 ext. |

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