The event will involve people coming by to write small notes on post cards that will be sent back to share the love.

With Love is an initiative to share stories of hope through handwritten letters. All of our customers are connected to mental illness in some way; whether personally, or through a family member or friend. We know how therapeutic something as simple as crafting a letter can be – and how meaningful it is to receive a handwritten postcard. That’s why Wear Your Label is partnering with Stella’s place to host With Love letter writing party. Throughout the year, they will distribute all the letters they have collected into the packages of orders that Wear Your Label receive from around the world. You can track your impact with the hashtag #withlovewyl to see where your letter ends up.

Where: Stella’s place, 18 Camden Street, Toronto
When:  May 18th, starting around 1:30 pm
Contact: If you have any questions, you can contact Alicia at:

It is a drop in event, as such, they will not be providing TTC tokens or food.
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