The Be Safe app addresses the needs of youth by putting their key personal information and their health care options literally in their hands.

Be Safe is unique because it was developed in full partnership with youth and professionals. It is a system’s navigation tool that helps youth find help when they need it, and supports them through the process of reaching out when it feels overwhelming.

The Be Safe app:

    • Allows the user to create a digital safety plan
    • Informs the user about mental health and addiction resources in your local community
    • Directs users to the best options for their needs though a decision-making aid
    • Creates a personal ‘get help script’ that helps users find the words to reach out
    • Empowers the user to reach out safely

Check out the How to Use Be Safe and print your own Personal Safety Plan in the Be Safe Pocket Guide. View our training webinar on using the app in your practice.

Be Safe was created by a dedicated team of youth, mindyourmind, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and other partners in the Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives initiative in London, Ontario and surrounding area to improve access to and coordination of mental health and addictions services for children, youth and families. Learn more about the development process in this article from EENet or this post on the CAMH website.

To download resources or find about the different regions, please visit the BeSafe website

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