August 1st  Food Handling Certificate Information/Registration session , 10-noon – To register for our next training session, clients must attend this session in order to register.


August 4th & 29th   – Resume & Cover letter Consultations 10-noon. Resume & Cover letter Consultations 10=noon – Bring in your resume and cover letter for a free review or come in to learn how to begin one.


August 11th  – Cash Register Training on site 10-1 pm. Receive hands-on practice operating a real cash register.


August 16th Learn to Henna 12:30-2:30 pm. Join us for an interactive and hands-on practical henna class. No artistic experience required, but if you have experience, come and share your talent and meet other newcomer women. This workshop will include:  Basic design styles, application techniques & aftercare tips and practice time. Space is limited.


August 17th Money Matters – How to Bank and Save in Canada 10-12:30 pm. Newcomer women who want to learn more about banking and saving in Canada are welcome to attend.


August 19th  Food Handling Food Handling Certificate Training, 9-6pm – full day training session – must pre-register in person prior to attending this training.


August 23rd  – Trip to Chinatown/City Hall  9:30-3:30pm. Newcomer women can join us on this fun trip to take a tour of Toronto City Hall and close by Chinatown, a popular tourist destination in Toronto.  We will travel to together and will  provide TTC tickets.. Women who are new to Toronto  will truly enjoy this trip, and get to meet other newcomers and see some of the City. Space is limited.


Remember that we are here to provide individual help to you if you are job searching and/or need help in settling to Canada. This could include guidance for any number of personal issues.


To register or for more information to any of our sessions please contact myself or any member of our team:

Frances 416 964 3883  ext. 213

Tracy 416 964 3883 ext. 403


EtobicokeJUMP-Cal- August 2016

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