As Stella’s Place grows, we are with increasing frequency bringing our young adults in front of the media, to professional conferences, and into meetings with politicians and community stakeholders to act as ambassadors at these events. These appearances are integral for raising awareness with funders, families and young adults as to why the innovative approach of Stella’s Place is vitally needed in order to usher in a brighter age of mental health treatment. Whenever young adults appear at events on behalf of Stella’s Place, they have the opportunity to make an impression, so that the case can be made on why this can’t wait

That’s where the ambassador program comes in. It’s a training for young adults who want to share stories of their lived experience, as well as their experiences with Stella’s Place. We are looking for 10 young people to become ambassadors for Stella’s Place. These young people would participate in an in-person training on September 10 and 11th, and then go on to speak at Stella’s Place events, attend important meetings and speak to the media about their story and why you and Stella’s Place are so awesome.

We will be accepting applications at this link  until August 19th.

If you have any questions please email


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