We want to share this interesting article published on Huffington Post last week, from Elisheva’s Passarello homeless story in Toronto. She speaks up about much needed safe, supportive, affordable healthy housing for women.
And a few words from Elisheva.
“Homelessness for me just ended June 2016. I am now recognizing the after effects of being in a shelter so long and understanding the need for supportive housing that slowly transitions people back into the community. There are many stages to the process of recovery. There is an order to recovery….
I am still working to develop my own website but here is more about me on my webpage. About.Me/ElishevaPassarello
While I was in the homeless shelter I had my first Art Exhibit at the Toronto Public Library in May 2016. I just finished my second art exhibit September 2016.  
As an entrepreneur I am currently designing a greeting card line with my photography as well as many more projects.
Please pass along my story to anyone who might be inspired by it. 🙂
-Elisheva Passarello”
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