By: Michael Friedman

I’m super excited to announce our Exchange for Change campaign, which will give anyone who donates $10 or more the chance to receive something in return for their generosity. Funnily enough, we’re running the campaign on Generosity, which is operated by Indigogo.

Come check it out!

As a student at the SHRC, I have seen how our programs and services affect the people that access them: Participants will often thank us for our time, be eager to attend the following month’s Community-of-Practice, and convey gratitude when we direct them to a given service within Toronto. This fundraiser is a way for us to sustain our organization, afford to run events and workshops for people that benefit from them, keep our integral programs, such as the ODSP Peer Navigator program, where we work with individuals to identify their strengths, wellness tools and how they can use them, and abilities to keep helping others.

Here are some of the fun things we’re willing to give for a donation:

$10 – A personal ‘Thank You’ e-mail from one of our team members

$25 –  An inspirational picture and quote from our Program Manager, Melissa Corcoran’s, personal collection.

$50 – a spectacular 3-card Tarot reading done by our ODSP Peer Navigator Program Coordinator Sam Warford!**

**For Entertainment purposes only

$100 – a personalized, original Haiku poem, composed by our Executive Director, Chrystal Dean

$200 – A 30-second instrumental jam created by program assistant/musically-inclined Michael Friedman

$350 – a really cool original artwork holiday card, made by our in-house artist/program assistant Deandre Bonnelle

$500 –  A combination of every single prize that has been mentioned before this one (all personalized).

$1000 – A video of the SHRC members going out into the street and creating a video collection of compliments about you specifically!

$10,000+ – A song about you, written by all members of the SHRC team, and performed by Michael (maybe a special guest as well!). Also includes every other prize mentioned so far.

$1,000,000 – We will bestow our secret, one-of-a-kind fountain of youth unto you, so that you may live forever (or perhaps even longer). **

** We don’t really have access to the fountain of youth, but you do look super great today!

Thank you to everyone who donates and helps us spread the word!

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