ODSP recipients needed for study

Pamela Lahey is  a PhD candidate in the Rehabilitation Science department at McMaster University. She is conducting a study entitled From Welfare to Work: The Experiences of Those on the Road? The purpose of the research is to examine the individual and system level characteristics that make it possible for ODSP recipients to leave the System for employment.

She is looking for study participants to take part in a one-time, one hour interview, either by phone or face-to-face. Specifically, she is looking for:

Former ODSP recipients who:

a.       self-identify as having a mental illness as their primary diagnosis;

b.      transitioned from ODSP to paid employment in the mainstream labour market within the last 10 years;

c.       spent at least six consecutive months off ODSP.

You will be asked about your employment supports experience on ODSP, the individual and system level supports that helped you transition; and whether you returned to ODSP after your initial exit.

If you are interested in participating, or have questions about the project, please contact the investigator, Pam Lahey, by email at laheypm@mcmaster.ca, or by phone at 226 343-8916.

*A 20 dollar gift card of your choice will be provided to you upon completion of the interview.

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