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ODSP Peer Navigator Program Support Group!


Registration for our ODSP Peer Navigator Support Groups!

Contact us now to register for ODSP peer support groups. You can still register for spots in this series! Groups will take place once a month for 5 months and started in December 2016. Participants can register for one of the options listed below:

The 2nd Thursday of each month – Next session on January 12th, 2016


The 2nd Friday of each month – Next session on January 13th, 2016

Topics of discussion will include: making connections, peer support, wellness

practices, tips for navigating the ODSP system and employment. Light refreshments and TTC tokens will be provided.

For more information, or to register, please email or call (416) 487-4355.

Please let us know of any accommodations we can provide and we will do our very best to provide them.

All are welcome!

About the program

The ODSP Peer Navigation Program offers peer support groups and one-on-one support to aid in successfully navigating the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) system while we share resources, build social supports, and develop wellness tools. This program is for people applying to get on ODSP or already on ODSP and recognizes how overcoming challenges within the ODSP system develops valuable skills that can empower us in our future opportunities.


Weekly Meditation Group

Check out this weekly meditation group held on Mondays at 7pm near Spadina and Bloor.

This meditation is called Twin Hearts Meditation for Peace and Illumination. Some of the many benefits include:
  • Improved health, wellbeing & relationships
  • Improved stress, depression, anxiety, tension & pain management
  • Better control over emotions and thoughts
  • Service to the Earth & Humanity

Weekly Meditation Group details


We are hosting our first Peer Zone workshop called Understanding Our Distress with CSInfo and Houselink.  Anyone who self identifies as having experience of mental distress and/or drug and alcohol challenges are welcome to participate in PeerZone workshops.

When: Wednesday, August 12 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Where: Houselink, 1678 Bloor Street West in the Board Room.

Register: Call the C/S Info Centre at: 416-595-2882. Free. Registration is limited to 12 people.

Come on out to experience first hand what everyone is talking about! Peer Zone is profound, inspiring and fun!

Affordable Self-Care

Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you are going through a challenging time or just trying to stay healthy and keep balance in this busy world, the same internal and external resources are being used. Eating well, getting exercise and enough sleep, socializing with supportive friends/family, and feeling a sense of belonging with meaning and purpose, contributes to a happy and healthy life.

Knowing what resources you have available and using them when needed is what self-care is all about! Maybe your internal resources include positive self-talk such as:  “this will pass”, “it will all work out the way it’s suppose to”, “I’m not alone”, “feeling down/scared/angry is normal”, “I can do this”. Perhaps they are more of a feeling of hope, acceptance, connection, love, determination or devotion. These internal resources are invaluable to maintaining a healthy perspective but sometimes they are not enough on their own. Sometimes we need external resources to maintain our wellness.

External resources can involve getting your basic needs met such as food, shelter and healthcare but often this alone does not get us to optimum health and happiness. Luckily there are many resources out there that expand on these basic needs.  Food today (especially packaged food) no longer provides the nutrients our body and mind need nor are we provided with education on what is needed. Traditional healthcare has not always maintained a holistic perspective. While trying to “fix” one area of the body, other body, mind and emotional systems have been ignored or are at risk. However, things are changing. Almost every corner has a yoga studio, massage therapist, acupuncturist, health food store, juice bar, etc.

The challenge is, these complementary healthcare providers are often not covered by OHIP and if you don’t have other insurance you are stuck paying ~$100 per visit. Until now! Below is a list of various affordable external resources some of which can even help you further develop your internal resources.


Toronto Acupuncture Studio  1116 college St / 647-700-4644 / / $20 per visit or volunteer and trade your time working reception for acupuncture sessions

Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre   344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / 416-916-2980 / / $20 per visit

Toronto Community Acupuncture  27 Davies Ave / 416-405-8222 / / $20 per visit


Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College  6100 Leslie St / 416-482-2546 / / Initial visit $28, Subsequent visits $18

Smile City Dental  1554A Bloor St. West / 416-539-9887 / / Accepting patients with proof of private insurance, Ontario Works, conventional refugee/refugee claimant, First Nations, and ODSP

Education and Healing Workshops

Intuitive Centre Learning Studio & Healing Clinic  Kate Opashinov / 796 Eglinton Ave E / 416-467-1917 / / Classes offered through TDSB $14 per class or $10 if on ODSP or OW

Energy Healing

Pranic Healing   344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / 905-262-1697 / / Monday healing clinic on donation

Master Sha’s Soul Healing   1160 Ellesmere Rd / 416-609-2777 / / Free healing Sundays 11am

Food and Nutrition

The stop  1884 Davenport Rd & 601 Christie St. / 416-651-7867 / / Drop-in, food bank, perinatal program, community action program, bake ovens and markets, community cooking, community advocacy, sustainable food systems education and urban agriculture

Nutritionist  Sheila Ream from Nutritionist in the House / 416-691-1113 / Community Centre 55, 97 Main Street / Free half hour consultations


Take Your Mark Healing Arts Natasha Boomer / 378 Delaware St. / 416-854-7115 / / $50 for 90 minute chakra massage from a Reiki master


Mindful Mood Ginny McFarlane / 2243 Queen St E / 416-686-2138 / / OHIP covered

Meditation for Health Lucinda Sykes / 720 Spadina Ave Suite 509 / 416 413-9158 / / OHIP covered

Twin Hearts Meditation 344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / Mondays at 7pm / 905-262-1697 /

Narrative Competence Therapy

Dr. Joan Barr 19 Alvin Ave / 416-929-4587 / OHIP covered


Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic 1255 Sheppard Avenue East / 416-498-9763 / / Adult $42  Seniors $31.50  Students $16.50


Moksha (hot) Yoga Volunteer and trade your time cleaning and working reception for yoga classes / 372 Danforth Ave / 416-778-7744 / 577 Wellington St W / 416-361-3033 / 2454 Bloor St W #2 / 416-766-9642
Regular yoga / 2968 Dundas St W / 416-926-YOGA

Many yoga studios throughout the city offer work exchange for classes.

Look for a studio in your area

Other Free or low cost resources can be found periodically in the biweekly consumer survivor info bulletin  or at

OCD Support Groups Forum

Toronto West OCD Group is hosting their 1st ever GTA OCD Support Groups Forum.

This is an invitation to anyone who is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferer, a family member or friend of an OCD sufferer. If you are thinking of joining a Support Group for OCD this is your chance to meet the Moderators, Facilitators, and the Members of the 4 GTA OCD Support Groups.

The OCD Support Groups Forum is being held on Thursday July 16th at Future Bistro 483 Bloor Street West near Spadina at 7pm.

It’s great to have separate OCD Groups with their own identity. Coming together of the Groups once a year in a casual social setting where we can network will be an enriching as well as fun alternative.
This special event gathers like-minded individuals for food, drinks and the opportunity to get acquainted with one another while learning and feeling inspired.

Where: Future Bistro, 483 Bloor Street West near Spadina Avenue

When: Thursday July 16th, 2015 at 7pm

Contact: For any questions contact
Christine, Host & Organizer
Toronto West OCD Group

Admission: Free!
Click on to for their delish and very reasonably priced food and drinks menu. If you just want coffee/tea/juice or dessert that’s okay too.

Borderline Personality Disorder Support Group

B P D C o n n e c t s a n d P i e c e o f M i n d C o u n s e l l i n g
A support group dedicated to those who directly or indirectly suffer with
anxiety, depression and/or Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder that, through
its very intense emotional turmoil, mood swings, and instability, can be very
unsettling to the lives of those affected by it and those living it.

For those experiencing the symptoms of BPD, it can feel like there is no hope.
But, with the right treatment and recovery plan, you can learn to cope with your
symptoms so they no longer disturb the lives of others or your own.

Our Approach
Our main treatment approach is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical
Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

CBT is a type of therapy used for those who have difficulty understanding their
thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

DBT is a type of therapy used for those who experience very intense emotions
and have challenges with impulsive behavior, difficulties in relationships and
feeling lost with their own identity.

Our support group sessions are held on the third Thursday of each
month. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held for one hour.

Where are we? 100 Matheson Blvd, Suite 203 Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 2G7

Please bring a pen and paper along with you.
Refreshments will be provided.

Please contact (647) 680-7327 OR (647) 239-7480 

Introduction to Peer Facilitation Training

On Friday, June 26th the Self Help Resource Centre facilitated Introduction to Peer Facilitation Training at Houselink. A number of topics were covered including: how to create an action plan for starting a peer support group, how to establish a comfort agreement, what strength based language is and how to handle and resolve conflict. A supportive and inclusive environment was created through the group’s participation in discussions and active listening. In addition to a great presentation and engaging discussions there was also a lovely lunch provided by Houselink.

Don’t just take our word for the fantastic training, read what the participants are saying!

“The presenter was knowledgeable and knew different skills in presenting the material.”
“Easy going atmosphere, filled with positive information.”
“All info was practical”
“What I liked most was group participation; facilitator was welcoming/approachable/supportive/informative.”
“Great workshop, will recommend and spread the word.”
“Thank you for the day.”
“Facilitator = empowering! Thank you!”
“Good workshop, thank you for organizing it.”
“What I found most useful was being with other people working to do something, trying to make something happen. I feel supported in that.”
“What I found most useful was discussing all the topics, hearing different opinions from people.”
“What I found most useful was the comfort agreement and reforming the way we think and speak.”

Parkdale Walking Group

Starts: July 7th 2015
Meets: every Tuesday @ 10:45am (leaves @ 11am)
Pick Up Point: in front of Parkdale Library (1303 Queen St West, at Cowan Avenue)

We will meet to stretch then depart for a 30-60 minute wellness walk.

*Snacks will be provided, bring a water bottle to keep hydrated. Rain or Shine.
*Don’t forget to wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing and supportive walking shoes.
*All fitness levels are welcome!
*For more information, please email

Youth Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Self-Help Resource Centre, Gerstein Crisis Centre and the Toronto Central YMCA is teaming up to offer Youth WRAP for ages 16-25!

This 8 week workshop will provide you with the resources to facilitate your own personal growth and wellness and take care of your physical, mental and emotional health by incorporating physical activity into your personal wellness plan. In a small group setting, Central YMCA WRAP trained Health Educators, Self–Help Resource Centre and Gerstein Centre Counsellors will help you map your own personal wellness plan and assist you in seeing it through.

Information Session: Friday, July 3, 2015 2:00—4:00 p.m.

Located at the Central YMCA 20 Grosvenor Street in the Youth Room

This FREE WRAP group starts July 10, 2015 and runs every Friday until August 28th from 2-4pm.

A FREE optional workout/gym access will be offered from 12-2pm at the YMCA every Friday before the WRAP group begins.


Contact: Laura Shasko (416) 929-0149 Ext. 259 Email:

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