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Geriatric mental health issues

Group Name: Geriatric mental health issues – CAMH

Description: For in- and out-patient CAMH clients and their families only. The services they provide are the following:

• Family/significant other meetings with physician and social worker while client is an in-patient to discuss, with client consent, treatment planning, goals, and concerns
• General psychoeducation about the client’s illness(es)
• Support counseling
• Connecting with resources
• Discharge planning

• Psychoeducation
• Counseling
• Education and support to family members


Contact: 416 535-8501

Complex Mental Illness: Forensic mental health issues – CAMH

Group Name: Complex Mental Illness, forensic mental health issues – CAMH


Description: For Friends and relatives of clients in the CAMH Law and Mental Health Services only, this program provides information about forensic system and disposition orders, and support and referrals to appropriate resources for partners, friends and relatives of clients in the program. The services include:

• Family assessment (i.e., as a component of the client assessment)
• Family education is provided as needed
• Family Information Kit
• Regularly scheduled Family Evenings on Medium Secure and Minimum Secure units

Contact: 416 535-8501

Intellectual disability with mental health needs (Dual Diagnosis) – CAMH

Group Name: Intellectual disability with mental health needs – CAMH


Description: For adult individuals living with an intellectual disability and mental health needs and their families, this program provides outpatient consultation, assessment and time limited treatment service.  System Family Worker offers:

• Family assessment (as a component of the client assessment), consultation and facilitation services to help maintain clients in community settings
• Family support includes information about accessing other community resources in the mental health and/or developmental sectors.



Where: Satellite Office – Dual Diagnosis Service at Peel – 30 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 801, Mississauga

Contact: 416 535-8501 ext. 77728

Services around needs for housing, employment, income and education – CAMH

Group Name:  Services around needs for housing, employmenr, income and education – CAMH


 Description:  for CAMH and/or non-CAMH clients, families (with client consent). This program provides a variety of services around housing, income, employment and education. Families are welcome to join assessments and consultations with their loved one with client consent. Family members can also access the following services:

• Confidential consultation phone calls through Intake
• Information on CAMH and community resources specific to families’ needs
• Family education and presentations provided to families of clients in various CAMH programs

Contact: 416 535-8501, SDHS Intake (ext. 32068)

Schizophrenia Program, Inpatient Services – CAMH

Group Name: Schizophrenia Program, Inpatient Services – CAMH
Description: For families and significant others of inpatients of CAMH’s Schizophrenia Services only. Providing: family services while clients are in hospital.
 • Regular family meetings with the care teams to coordinate treatment and discharge planning
• Family Support and Education Groups available, staffing permitting
• Referral to community resources for families
 Contact: Main contacts for these services are the Allied Health Professionals. 416 535-8501

Learning Employment Advocacy Recreation Network (LEARN) – CAMH

Group Name: Learning Employment Advocacy Recreation Network (LEARN) – CAMH
Description: Providing time-limited group open to the public, which consist of 10 sessions
• Additional family services for families of LEARN clients
• Multifamily group therapy
• Support and education group for Spanish-speaking families
• Family education, support and counselling
Where: 1709 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto
Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

First Episode Psychosis Services, Schizophrenia Services – College Street site – CAMH

Group Name: First Episode Psychosis Services, Schizophrenia Services – College Street site – CAMH


Description: For families and significant others of clients of CAMH’s First (Early) Episode Psychosis division of the Schizophrenia Program. Providing: time-limited psychoeducational and supportive counseling services on a group and individual basis
 • Includes a family psychosis education group
• Crisis intervention and support
• Family therapy, couple and individual counseling on as needed basis
• In-home family support
• Family orientation sessions
• Family mentorship opportunities
• Referrals from across GTA accepted through LEARN (Learning Employment Advocacy Recreation Network)
 Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

Schizophrenia Services Family Support – CAMH

Group Name: Schizophrenia Services Family Support  – CAMH

Description: Schizophrenia Services Family Support and Education Group for family and friends of someone dealing with schizophrenia. Providing:

• 8-week group sessions, where participants can meet others for support and discussion of ways to better help and understand family members and friends with severe mental illness.
• topics covered include: the nature of schizophrenia; relapse prevention; dealing with a crisis; caring for the caregiver; medications and treatments, communication strategies, the medical and legal systems; community resources.

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) – CAMH

Group Name: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) – CAMH

Description: Psychoeducation Support Group at  Russell Street Site.  For families and friends of individuals with BPD. Providing:
 • 12-week group sessions
• topics covered include: making sense of behaviours of people with BPD; using mindfulness strategies to notice/ manage distress; utilizing validation techniques to enhance communication.
Contact: 416-535-8501 ext. 32437, and press 3 to reach our intake line.  For more information see the BPD Clinic webpage.



TAPP-C: The Arson Prevention Program for Children – CAMH

Group Name: TAPP-C: The Arson Prevention Program for Children – CAMH

Description: Providing fire-specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for youth, training for parents and some joint family sessions. For fire-involved youth (ages 2 – 18)

• Services provided to TAPP-C clients after assessment

Referrals can come from community agencies, doctors, teachers etc.

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

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