When New Life Arrives: Self-Help Strategies for Family Health

The birth of a child brings great joy - and also new health concerns. Finding the best resources is not always easy. Self-help/mutual aid groups can be a great bonus.

Resources mentioned in this article:
Best Start Resource Centre www.beststart.org 1-800-397-9567, ext. 263
Our Sisters' Place www.oursistersplace.ca (416) 486-7432/1-866-363-6663
Scarborough Hospital Family Wellness Centre (416) 495-2701 ext 5369
Fathers' Talk, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre (416) 787-1661
On-Line Parenting Support www.cyberparents.ca (705) 566-5866, ext. 2617

Link to downloadable file or full document: http://www.selfhelp.on.ca/resource/newlife.pdf

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Format: article
Topic: health promotion maternal
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Source: By Yvonne Stuart in the OSHNET newsletter Fall 2003.

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