Supporting Individuals

Find a Support Group

Talking with somebody who has been there before can be one of the most powerful resources when dealing with any life challenge or transitions. The Self-Help Resource Centre maintains an online database of over 800 peer support/mutual aid groups running in the Greater Toronto Area.  Information about each group is provided by the group organizers, and inclusion in our database is on an opt-in basis. Each group is non-profit. The database is searchable by key-words and available to anybody with an internet connection.

Groups listed are currently based in the Greater Toronto Area; however, we are working on expanding right throughout Ontario.

If you don’t find a group you are looking for, you may be interested in starting your own. We provide training and support necessary to help you do this. Find out more about that, here.

If you run a peer support group and would like us to list yours, please contact us at


Check out the Resources section of our website for downloadable information sheets on various topics including self-talk, boundaries, self-compassion and wellness tools, among many more. You might just read something that resonates with what you are feeling, and find the tools to work through it.

For immediate crisis service or support, including helplines, you can download our compiled list of resources here.

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