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Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario

Group Name: Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario

Description: Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario offers programs and services to individuals, families and groups throughout the Jewish community of Ontario who are affected by the death of a child.

Group members help each other and often learn to educate others in the language of grief. The bereaved help the bereaved with group meetings several times a year, facilitated by two bereaved parents, and guided by a professional advisor (usually bereaved as well.) One of our primary goals is to let the grieving persons in the community know that they are not alone, there are others who are going through the same thing who are there to support and guide them. Welcome to Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario. Bereaved Jewish Families believes in the uniqueness of the Jewish way in death and mourning.

Where: 4600 Bathurst Street, 6th Floor | Toronto, ON M2R 3V3

When: Any bereaved person, relative or friend may attend the meetings. Call for further information.

Contact: 416.638.7800 x 6202 | |

Bereaved Families Of Ontario

Group Name: Bereaved Families Of Ontario

Description: Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto is a volunteer based bereavement support organization that provides programs and services based on a mutual support model to individuals, families, groups and communities throughout the city of Toronto.

They aim to assist people, without charge, in learning to live with this “new normal” by:

• Providing a safe space in which to explore grief in whatever ways that work best for the person.
• Reducing the isolation of bereaved people by facilitating connections with other bereaved people.
• Normalizing the grief experience.
• Nurturing the resiliency of people to identify their own inner resources and coping strategies.

Where: 250 Merton St. Suite 202 |Toronto,  ON | M4S 1B1

When: Support groups meet multiple times per month depending on your age group and type of support needed. Check the website for more details.

Contact: 416-440-0290 | |

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