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Schizophrenia Services Family Support – CAMH

Group Name: Schizophrenia Services Family Support  – CAMH

Description: Schizophrenia Services Family Support and Education Group for family and friends of someone dealing with schizophrenia. Providing:

• 8-week group sessions, where participants can meet others for support and discussion of ways to better help and understand family members and friends with severe mental illness.
• topics covered include: the nature of schizophrenia; relapse prevention; dealing with a crisis; caring for the caregiver; medications and treatments, communication strategies, the medical and legal systems; community resources.

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

TAPP-C: The Arson Prevention Program for Children – CAMH

Group Name: TAPP-C: The Arson Prevention Program for Children – CAMH

Description: Providing fire-specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for youth, training for parents and some joint family sessions. For fire-involved youth (ages 2 – 18)

• Services provided to TAPP-C clients after assessment

Referrals can come from community agencies, doctors, teachers etc.

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

Children’s Psychotic Disorders Program – CAMH

Group Name: Children’s Psychotic Disorders Program – CAMH

Description: Primarily a consultation service for children with disorder involving psychosis (up to age 16) and their caregivers.

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

Mood & Anxiety Clinic for youth – CAMH

Group: Mood & Anxiety Clinic – CAMH

Description: For families of registered CAMH clients of the Child, Youth and Family Program only. For children (ages 4 to 17) with depression, anxiety/other mood disorders and their caregivers. Providing as part of an individualized treatment plan after assessment, this service involves:

• brief supportive therapy and psychoeducation
• wait time for initial assessment is approximately 6 to 8 months

Contact: 416 535-8501, ACCESS CAMH (press 2)

Strengthening Families for the Future – CAMH

Strengthening Families for the Future – CAMH

Description: Families with children who are 7 – 11 whose parents have mental health or addiction problems. Providing prevention for children and families at risk:

• a 14-week program psycho education that builds skills and knowledge that promote positive family functioning, and resiliency. The program is free, includes dinner and childcare for children under age 7.

Contact: 416 535-8501

F.E.A.T. : For Children Of Incarcerated Parents

Group Name: F.E.A.T. For Children Of Incarcerated Parents

Description: F.E.A.T. for Children of Incarcerated Parents was founded in 2011 to support the needs of the over 15000 children in the Greater Toronto Area that have a parent in the criminal justice system. The multifaceted impact of parental incarceration on children can be devastating. These innocent children are often faced with a myriad of challenges including; family instability, economic insecurity, societal stigmatization as well as a compromised self-esteem, trust, and sense of security in their familial relationships. F.E.A.T. is dedicated to helping these innocent victims in their feat to rise above adversity. At F.E.A.T., we focus on supporting the unique needs of children affected by parental imprisonment, optimizing the outcomes of these at-risk children, reconnecting families to help break the cycle of intergenerational crime and strengthen our communities.

Programs include: After School Program provides programming twice a week for children (6-9 years), youth (10-14 years) and teens (15-18) in Toronto.
F.E.A.T. provides the free Peer Mentorship Project (with Ryerson University) for three hours, once a week for youth aged (10-14 years) and teens (15-19 years) affected by familiar criminality and imprisonment in high risk neighborhoods in Toronto.
Our Girls Empowerment Retreats provide free supportive programming during three weekends in the fall which are tailored to the unique needs of children aged (7-11), youth (12-15 years), and teens (16-19) have been affected by parental imprisonment.
The Family Visitation Program transports children and their caregivers from Toronto to the correctional institutions in southern Ontario. Our bus enables weekly trips to correctional facilities in Kingston, Gravenhurst, Warkworth, and Kitchener areas.

Where: 432 Horner Avenue , | Etobicoke, ON, M8W 2B3

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-505-5333 | |

Families with Children from China Toronto (FCC Tpronto)

Group Name: Families with Children from China Toronto (FCC Tpronto)

Description: FCC Toronto (Central Ontario Families with Children from China) is a volunteer organization that provides information and organized activities to families in the greater Toronto area who have adopted children from China or are in the process of doing so, people just starting to think about it, and some adoption professionals. Across the world, these people have started local chapters of FCC. Some chapters are formally organized while others are more informal. However, all chapters share the following goals:

  • To advocate for and support the children remaining in orphanages in China,
  • To encourage adoption from China and support waiting families; and
  • To support families who have adopted from China through post-adoption and Chinese culture activities.
  • The activities put on by FCC chapters can include things such as newsletters, Chinese festival celebrations, directories of members, playgroups, Chinese language and culture classes for children and parents, picnics, and more.

Annual membership fee is $20 per family. FCC Orientations is the quarterly newsletter of FCC Toronto, and is sent automatically to all members. It contains a wide variety of articles and information of interest to adoptive parents from China and other parts of Asia.

Where: P.O. Box 808, Station F | Toronto, ON M4Y 2N7


HOPE – Helping Other Parents Everywhere

Group Name: HOPE – Helping Other Parents Everywhere

Description: At HOPE we believe that given knowledge, tools and support, parents who are troubled by the behaviours of their teen or adult children can gain the skills and strength to change their family dynamics. At HOPE, our Parent Support Group assists parents, like you, whose life is being negatively affected because of our children’s disruptive behaviour. We are a self-help group of parents who have come together to assist each other in making the personal changes that are necessary to be more effective in dealing with our problems. We are a gathering of parents only, here to give you suggestions that have worked for us and offer you HOPE, respect and support in a non-blaming, safe environment. Our children are NOT involved in our weekly meetings.

We have been providing support to parents in our community for almost fifteen years. To date, HOPE (Helping Other Parents Everywhere) has over 300 members in the Toronto and Durham areas – all parents or guardians who have, or have had acting out youth.

Where: 1740 Kingston Road, P.O. Box 64 | Pickering, ON L1V 2R2

When: Toronto North: Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Ajax/Pickering: Tuesdays from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Please contact for location details.

Contact: 1-866-492-1299 | 905-239-3577 |

HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. – Women and Children of Abuse

Group Name: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc.

Description: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. (HFG), is a not-for-profit organization located in Toronto that provides free, ongoing support to women and children who have experienced abuse. HFG assists mothers and their children who have experienced abuse, by providing a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that facilitates recovery from the abuse. For mothers, HFG helps with reintegration into the workforce or maintaining current jobs by sourcing the necessary skills and training that is required. HFG provides a safe environment for mothers to talk about their experiences and learn coping skills and new parenting strategies that will help in their move to lead lives without abuse.

Some of the assistance HFG will provide free of charge include:

  • Parenting classes – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Counseling – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Family recreational activities with similarly situated persons and staff
  • Monthly support sessions on the last Saturday of every month for 10 months each year (we take July and August off for the summer holiday)

There is a weekly online conversation regarding violence against women. Women who feel they would benefit or are interested in learning more about are strongly encouraged to all or e-mail HFG Happy Families Support Network.

Where: 4-1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1285 | Pickering, ON, L1V 6W9

When: Please contact for more information.

Contact: 647-494-4090 | 1-866-484-9225

The George Hull Centre – Anxiety Group for Children

Group Name: The George Hull Centre – Anxiety Group for Children

Description: The George Hull Centre for Children and Families offers a full spectrum of children’s mental health services to children from birth to age 18 and their families. The Centre, located in Etobicoke, is a non-profit charitable organization, governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors and accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario. There is no fee for service. The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services provides 88% of The George Hull Centre’s annual funding. The rest comes from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations and the corporate sector.

The Anxiety Group for Children is a valuable treatment group if your child experiences issues with anxious/nervous feelings, thoughts or physical sensations. This group is divided into two sections – one group for the parents and one group for the child. Who should attend: Children aged
8 – 12 years old.

Where: 81 The East Mall, Third Floor | Toronto, ON M8Z 5W3

When: 12 Tuesdays: September 16 – December 9, 2014 (no group Oct 14, 2014). From 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Contact: Fadia Zakkak 416-622-8833 Ext. 258 | |

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