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Fife House – Community Programs for People with HIV/AIDS

Group Name: Fife House – Community Programs for People with HIV/AIDS

Description: Fife House is an innovative, client-focused provider of secure and supportive affordable housing and services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area.
Fife House delivers services which are focused on enhancing quality of life, building on individual strengths and promoting independence – recognizing that access to secure and affordable housing is a key determinant for the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Community Programs Department was created to address isolation and marginalization of men, women and families living with HIV/AIDS. The program promotes social integration, health and well being, which help in developing a sense of belonging and community among residents and within the larger community. The staff team oversees the Wellness Centre at our Sherbourne site which provides a variety of services offered by professionals free of charge. Alternative therapies (touch therapy, polarity therapy, naturopathy, reflexology etc.) are very popular with people living with HIV/AIDS and the team strive to provide a variety of opportunities for residents and clients in all programs.

Social/Recreational Programs provide access to a range of activities, services and outlets for residents/clients including: congregate dining, outings, yoga, expressive arts, games night and a gardening club.

Where: 490 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor | Toronto, ON M4X 1K9

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-205-9888 |

Tips for managing loneliness

The Statistics Canada 2011 Census  “counted more one-person households (3,673,305) than couple households with children (3,524,915) for the first time”. This means that more people  are learning to live alone. For most, this will involve luxuriating in the benefits of living alone (i.e. doing whatever you want, whenever and however you want) and also learning to manage some of the challenges – like loneliness.

While it is normal (and sometimes okay) to “periodically” feel lonely (and to be alone ),  there are instances when prolonged feelings of loneliness (from the inability to connect with others in a meaningful way) and isolation (from real or self-imposed conditions) can start to negatively impact our health.

For anyone trying to manage loneliness, here are three (finance friendly) things worth trying:

  1. Learn more about managing loneliness! At the Discovery website  Susan Sherwood Ph.D. offers ten options for better managing and staving off loneliness.
  2. Join or start a social group!  Visit to find a like-minded group to do an activity with. This website (and the groups hosted) caters to people of all ages and persuasions. There is a large pool of groups to choose from (i.e. foodies, travel, movies, language, karaoke, camping, tea, photography, etc.). 
  3. Join or start a peer support group! Visit to find a peer support, or to learn how to start your own. In a peer support group you can meet and speak with people who are managing concerns similar to your own (.i.e. diabetes, depression, loneliness, social anxiety, death/loss, workplace stress, addictions, etc.).
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