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Mood Disorders Association of Ontario – Managing Depression and Anxiety

Group Name: Mood Disorders Association of Ontario – Managing Depression and Anxiety

Description: The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario offers free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario living with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. They provide drop-in peer support groups, recovery programs, family and youth clinical support, early intervention for mood disorders and psychosis and online tools focused on wellness and recovery.

MDAO is offering an educational recovery group focused on developing understanding and tools to manage depression and anxiety. The group will run for six sessions. Each two hour session will involve information presentation, dialogue and activities. Through participation in this group you will:

  • Develop understanding of how thoughts, feelings and behaviours contribute to depression and anxiety.
  • Acquire skills to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to depression and anxiety.
  • Learn strategies to better manage negative thinking, stress and worry.
  • Develop tools to bolster self-esteem and resiliency.
  • Expand understanding of relapse prevention strategies and planning.

*** Registration is required.

Where: 602-36 Eglinton Avenue West | Toronto, ON M4R 1A1

When: Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. starting Wednesday March 11th, 2015 through April 15th, 2015

Contact: Becky Curran 416-486-8046 Ext. 240 | 1-866-486-6663 |

416 Community Support for Women Invites You To: Grief & Bereavement

Explore and engage in meaningful discussion, education and advocacy related to dying, death and grief. This workshop is led by nurse psychotherapist, educator and thanatologist Andrea Warnick. This event is open to the public – men and women.

When: Thursday, February 19th at 2:45 p.m.

Where: 40 Oak Street, Toronto, in the Rogers Room. Please RSVP to Elena at or 416 964-6936 Ext. 222 or visit us online.

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Family Support Program

Group Name: Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Family Support Program

Description: Much like the rich fabric that is Canadian culture, our Polycultural family reflects the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of the communities we serve. We are dedicated to maintaining an open, inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Currently, we serve clients in over 40 different languages in our six locations across the GTA. Polycultural supports a holistic approach to serving the needs of our community by providing a range of programs including newcomer orientation, education, language, employment and family support services.

Polycultural understands the many challenges associated with being new to Canada, and we aim to support families through their transition while helping you balance the cultural values, traditions and beliefs that are important to your family.

Counsellors provide assistance to immigrant communities in the GTA through one-to-one and family counselling.

  • Culturally competent guidance and education.
  • Private and confidential counselling is available for each family member who would like to participate.
  • Assistance accessing community legal clinics, social assistance, income supports, Community Care Access Centres, disability benefits, pensions, shelters, housing programs and more.
  • Help accessing health services for people dealing with mental health, addictions or physical illness.
  • Help to identify and resolve personal and/or family problems such as family communication breakdown, violence, parenting, addictions, separation, disabilities, financial difficulties, or homelessness.
  • Referrals to community supports and services.

Where: 17 Four Seasons Place, Suite 102 | Toronto, ON M9B 6E6

When: There are currently three locations across Toronto offering this service. Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-533-9471 | 416-233-0055 | 416-261-4901 | |

North York Community House – Parenting Groups

Group Name: North York Community House – Parenting Groups

Description: North York Community House (NYCH) is a dynamic neighbourhood centre offering innovative programs and services to newcomers & residents, helping build strong, healthy communities.

NYCH also provides support groups specifically for parents and caregivers. These groups cover a wide range of topics to help newcomers deal with the transition to parenting in Canada. Groups are offered in different languages depending on community needs.

Where: 700 Lawrence Ave. W., Suite 226 | Toronto, ON M6A 3B4

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-544-1992 | |

Mennonite New Life Centre – Anger Management

Group Name: Mennonite New Life Centre – Anger Management

Description: The Mennonite New Life Centre envisions a society in which all people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds participate fully in all aspects of Canadian life. We will model an approach that brings together community engagement and community services, working together with newcomers to reduce insecurity and reach integration, strengthen voices and increase social equality. As a community-based settlement agency, the Mennonite New Life Centre is a place of welcome, friendship and community, where newcomers and neighbours gather to support each other, learn from each other, and take action together for a more just and compassionate society.

Anger can be a natural response to the stress of migration, the challenge of navigating new realities in a new language, and struggling to find meaningful employment. Through this program, we assist individuals to understand and better channel their anger. A specialized version of this program focuses on domestic violence, emphasizing prevention and accountability.

Where: 2737 Keele Street | North York, ON M3M 2E9

When: Runs weekly. Please call for more information.

Contact: Jorge Saban 647-780-9226 | 647-776-2057 | |

Malvern Family Resource Centre – Counselling Services

Group Name: Malvern Family Resource Centre – Counselling Services

Description: Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC) as a social service agency strives to be sensitive to the different and changing needs of the diverse communities we serve including people with disabilities. Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to strengthening families and individuals through inclusive and effective programs and services for children, youth, women, seniors and families in the Rouge River riding. Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to developing policies, practices and procedures that respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities, as well as integration and equality of opportunity.

Strengthening Families is our Business. We aim to positively change and improve family life by offering various programs and services. MFRC provides free, confidential counselling for youth and their families in the Rouge River Riding. Appointments can be made for individual, group or family sessions.
Counselling can support you in dealing with issues that you may feel are beyond your control. It can help you learn new coping skills, better understand yourself and improve your relationships.

To book an appointment call the counselor or make a referral request to any staff member at Malvern Family Resource Centre.

Where: 90 Littles Road | Scarborough, ON M1B 5E2

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-284-4654 Ext. 28 | 416-284-4184 |

Native Child & Family Services of Toronto – SNAP Program

Group Name: Native Child & Family Services of Toronto – SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) for Parents and Children

Description: Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) was founded in 1986 by concerned members of Toronto’s Native community. The founders were concerned about the high number of children in the care of Children’s Aid Societies and by the issues, such as poverty, addictions, family violence, and homelessness, confronting Native families in the city. The founders were further concerned that while the Native family had many issues before it, few services within the mainstream sector were available to meet the needs of an increasingly voiceless and marginalized community.

SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) for Parents and Children
This 12-week program to help children and their caregivers learn self-control and problem solving skills using SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) within the framework of the medicine wheel and traditional Native teachings. (Concurrent separate groups are held for parents/caregivers and children.)

A telephone interview will be conducted with parents/caregivers prior to acceptance into the group. The SNAP Program is used under license from and adapted with permission from Child Development Institute.

For Parents/Caregivers:
Parents will be taught effective parenting skills to assist them in raising children with challenging behavioural problems. They will also learn about the self-control and problem solving skills being taught to their children.

For Children Aged 7 to 12:
The children’s program uses a cognitive behaviour approach that helps children control compulsive behaviour, think about the consequences of their behaviour, and develop appropriate social skills.

Where: 30 College Street | Toronto, ON M5G 1K2

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-969-8510 | |

Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) – Women’s Wellness

Group Name: Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) – Women’s Wellness

Description: OFA has been developing and offering innovative groups for socially and economically disadvantaged women for over 30 years. We have been part of proudly supporting thousands of women to help themselves gain confidence, self-respect and move towards economic independence.
Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) works with women in disadvantaged life situations. While poverty is an issue for almost all the women, other factors create additional barriers to well-being and equal participation in society.

Women’s Wellness
The Women Under Stress program offers an alternative to the traditional mental health approach to women living in stressful life situations. Women learn to manage their stress in their lives in a free 9 week program which meets 2 mornings per week. Working in small groups, women share experiences, receive information and support, and develop strategies to cope under pressure. They learn about helpful resources and gain support from other group members to assist them to make positive life changes and avoid (re)hospitalization. The program is open to all women, and free childcare and transit fare are provided. *** This program is offered at 5 different locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Where: 54 Wolseley Street, 2nd Floor | Toronto, ON M5T 1A5

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-787-1481 | |

Jean Tweed Centre – Women’s Day Program

Group Name: Jean Tweed Centre – Women’s Day Program

Description: Since its founding, the Centre has evolved and grown to become a leading community-based substance abuse and problem gambling agency for women in Ontario. The Centre offers a wide range of services including residential and day programming; two day programs now exist – one 3 weeks and one 7 weeks for mothers with young children. They also offer out-patient programs including family and trauma counseling, and outreach services in various locations across the city for pregnant and parenting women. Most recently, they have added a second outreach service to women who have mental health and substance use problems as well as involvement in the criminal justice system.

A 3 week intensive day program is available to women who live locally. Here, you will join with women from around the Province, to explore your substance use and/or problem gambling in a way that relates to your goals for the future. You will learn about the impact of your substance use or gambling on your life, your relationships and your health. Every woman will have an individual counselor and take part in a variety of groups that cover themes such as:

  • self-esteem
  • healthy relationships
  • managing emotions
  • effective communication
  • wellness
  • safe coping skills

Where: 215 Evans Avenue | Toronto, ON M8Z 1J5

When: During the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-255-7359 | |

JACS Toronto – Here to Help Group

Group Name: JACS Toronto – Here to Help Group

Description: JACS(Jewish Addiction Community Services) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to encouraging and assisting anyone struggling with their own or someone else’s addiction to explore recovery in a nurturing and supportive environment. JACS exists as an information resource on the effects that addiction has on family life, with a special focus on Jewish families. JACS provides support for any and all diverse populations and denominations affected by addiction.

JACS Here To Help group is facilitated by JACS counselors and is an open education discussion for anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s addiction issues and related problem behaviours. At this weekly meeting, family and friends who have experience with the pains of addiction are there to welcome those new to JACS and to provide understanding and support that only those who have lived through the same problems can. Here to Help is open to families, friends or anyone suffering from addiction issues and is a great resource for those struggling to understand what, and how, to respond to the behaviors that often accompany substance use and abuse.

Where: 858 Sheppard Avenue W. | Toronto, ON M3H 2T5

When: Every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Status: Open to all.

Contact: 416-638-0350 |

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