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Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services – Crisis & Support

Group Name: Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services – Crisis & Support

Description: Margaret’s provides a continuum of housing and support services for women with mental illness through innovative programming, advocacy and education, which empowers them to build and reclaim their lives. Our programs encompass crisis, interim and long-term solutions for women 18 years and over, and their families. Margaret’s services include helping clients obtain and maintain permanent and affordable housing, Mental Health and Justice, Community Crisis support and Individualized Senior Support. Together they provide clients with a stable living environment, community tenure, care and identity. Our support services are holistic, client directed, and recovery based. They help to identify and reignite the inner strength and resiliency of each client that we support.

Crisis and Support Eligibility
Women, 18-65+ with serious and persistent mental illness, who identify themselves as experiencing a “crisis” and are able to direct their care can receive these support services at Margaret’s: Advocacy, Information and referral, Accompaniment, Counselling and Problem Solving.

Crisis and Support services include: Psychiatric Assessment, Crisis/Safe Bed, 24 Hr. information & referral line, Food/clothing/shoe bank, Respite Beds, and Community crisis support.

Where: 301 Broadview Avenue | Toronto, ON M4M 2G8

Contact: 416-463-1481 | |

Community Action Resource Centre – Support to Individuals & Families

Group Name: Community Action Resource Centre – Support to Individuals & Families

Description: Community Action Resource Centre is an organization that works to build the capacity of our communities by mobilizing resources and providing supportive social services, for the empowerment of individuals and groups. We are committed to working within a non-discriminatory framework with broad community representation at all levels of our organization. We reflect the following values in our work: accessibility, confidentiality, innovation, team work and professionalism.

Our Client Services Workers provide a range of services to support individuals in accessing the services they need for themselves and their families, including:

  • Information and referral on a wide range of government and community services
  • Form filling
  • Letter writing
  • Supportive and crisis counselling
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Client advocacy and follow-up

***Service is provided on a drop-in or appointment basis.

Where: 1652 Keele Street | Toronto, ON M6M 3W3

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-652-2273 |

Seniors Crisis Access Line

Group Name: Seniors Crisis Access Line

Description: The Senior Crisis Access Line is a specialized service for seniors in the Toronto Central LHIN area which provides assistance in stabilizing age-related mental health and addiction crises, risk and safety assessments, immediate referrals to community mobile crisis units, and support for families and caregivers. Senior Crisis Access Line is an initiative of Community Seniors Mental Health and Addiction Services, with funding provided by the Toronto Central LHIN.

Our catchment area is 401 to Lake Ontario and Warden to Islington. Our clients are age 65+ or those from age 55 with age related mental health issues. We offer telephone support from or about seniors. Our partner agencies are Gerstein Centre, COSS (Crisis Outreach Services for Seniors), the Scarborough Mobile Crisis and St Elizabeth Metro Crisis. We provide assistance with the following:

  • Assistance in stabilizing age-related mental health and addiction crisis;
  • Risk /safety assessments;
  • Immediate referrals and linkages to community mobile crisis units;
  • Depression;
  • Suicidal Thoughts;
  • Memory loss or wandering;
  • Self neglect;
  • Elder abuse concerns;
  • Life adjustment problems;
  • Support for family and caregivers.

Where: 2 Lansing Square, Suite 600 | Toronto, ON M2J 4P8

When: Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Monday to Friday *** Note these hours will change as of March 2, 2015 to 10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Contact: 416-619-5001 | 416-498-8600 | |
| |

Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services – Violence Against Women

Group Name: Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services – Violence Against Women

Description: Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services (FNS) is committed to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents of Flemingdon Park and the City of Toronto. As a multi-service organization, we are dedicated to increasing access to information and community resources for our clients through advocacy, empowerment and education. We facilitate the achievement of personal goals, provide support, promote safety and foster harmony, vitality and community development. We celebrate diversity by promoting understanding, acceptance and respect for each other.

The Women’s Program raises awareness and connects with women in the community regarding issues related to domestic violence, women’s rights and options. We support women through the choices they make, whether they remain in their homes and increase their safety or choose to leave their abusive situation. Individualized support includes and isn’t limited to, providing an understanding, professional and confidential environment for women in abusive relationships, assisting women in crisis due to their abusive relationship, and assisting women who are preparing to leave or have left abusive relationships. Women’s support groups:

  • Groups enable women to build connections through peer support
  • We offer women’s support groups throughout the year
  • Here to Help is a support group for children who have witnessed abuse and their mothers

*** We provide these services primarily to women in Flemingdon Park and surrounding areas.

Where: 10 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 104 | Toronto, ON M3C 3A1

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-424-2900 Exts. 16, 17 | |

The Redwood

Group Name: The Redwood

Description: Since 1993, we’ve been here to help women and children live free from domestic violence. Free from fear. Free from threat. Leaving an abusive situation is one of the toughest things any woman or child has to face. The Redwood provides the emotional, practical and social support that families need to get their lives back on track – we offer free and confidential services in 170 different languages.

Leaving an abusive situation is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to face.
How will you look after small children? Where will you find affordable housing? If you’re new to Canada, how will you find support in an unfamiliar environment? You’ll find the answers at The Redwood. We offer:

  • A safe free refuge 24 hours of the day
  • Services in your language
  • Telephone counseling
  • Counseling for you and your children
  • Housing support services
  • Referral to subsidized daycare and school registration
  • Job readiness training and employment counselling
  • Legal support in immigration, family law and legal aid
  • Referral and advocacy to gain access to ESL, healthcare and other services

At The Redwood, thousands of women and children found the way out – and the way up. You can too.

Where: P.O. Box 16023 | Toronto, ON M6J 3W2

When: Please call for more details.

Contact: 416-533-8538 ( 24/7 Crisis Line) | 416-533-9372 |

Africans in Partnership Against Aids – Counseling Services

Group Name: Africans in Partnership Against Aids – Counseling Services

Description: The vision of Africans in Partnership Against Aids (APAA) is to create a stable organization and community response to the impact of HIV/AIDS through capacity development, partnership, growth and community development and involvement. We value:

  • Respect for diverse cultural traditions and service needs
  • We view HIV/AIDS as more than a medical condition and acknowledge and respond to its social and economic impacts
  • We value on client centered services where confidential, responsive, caring, respectful and non-judgmental services are delivered
  • Promoting an active role of clients and communities in planning and implementing their services
  • We value informed choices on our care and prevention efforts
  • Programs are inclusive of the African Diaspora and its diversity
  • Accountability, responsibility, and obligation to the people we serve
  • Respects the rights of all people of different sexual orientation

APAA offers confidential counseling to men, women including youth living with or affected by HIV/AIDS on HIV/AIDS and related issues such as psycho-social, treatment, nutrition, positive living, Sexual and reproductive health, crisis counseling, couple counseling, discordant counseling group counseling, pre-and post- HIV- test counseling in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. Some of the major African languages used include: Amharic, Arabic, Tigrinya, Swahili, French, Somalia, Jula and Dogon, Ga, Hausa, Lingala, Twi, Xhosa, Yoruba, kiruwanda, etc.

Where: 526 Richmond St. East, 2nd Floor | Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R3

Contact: 416-924-5256 Exts. 303 or 304 | |

Gerstein Crisis Centre – Telephone Support

Group Name: Gerstein Crisis Centre – Telephone Support

Description: Gerstein Crisis Centre was established 25 years ago in Toronto to meet the recognized need for providing non-medical community based support reflecting the needs and wishes of people experiencing mental health crisis.

Crisis Workers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 416-929-5200. Our goal is to help callers who are experiencing a mental health crisis to work out some effective ways of addressing their immediate problems, and connect them to services that can offer ongoing support. We encourage self-referrals so that we can hear directly from people about what they are going through. Family, friends and service providers, including hospitals, may also refer people to our services by calling our Administration and Referral Line. This line may at times be answered by voicemail. Your call will be returned by a member of the Crisis Team within the hour.

Where: 100 Charles Street East | Toronto, ON M4Y 1V3

Contact: Administration & Referral 416-929-0149 | Crisis Line 416-929-5200 | |

Friends and Advocates Centre – Wellness and Recovery

Group Name: Friends and Advocates Centre – WRAP Program

Description: Friends and Advocates provides an opportunity for friendship to those recovering from mental illness or emotional distress; arranges social and recreational activities in the community to improve socialization and communication skills; holds interesting discussion groups and life skills sessions to develop interpersonal skills; educates community groups and individuals about mental health; speaks out on behalf of members about mental health issues; provides crisis intervention for members.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.) is an intervention that was developed by people who had been dealing with a variety of psychiatric symptoms and who were working hard to feel better and get on with their lives. Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland, an internationally acclaimed author, educator and mental health advocate, initially practiced W.R.A.P. to help with her own struggles with mental health challenges.

This program runs every Monday. It provides a confidential atmosphere for any member wishing to create an individual safe plan when in crisis. Staff and members are present to provide support during this process. Please see staff to sign up for the next start date. WRAP is made up of wellness recovery topics which include:

  • Wellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identifying Triggers and an Action Plan
  • Identifying Early Warning Signs and an Action Plan
  • Identifying When Things Are Breaking Down and an Action Plan
  • Crisis Planning
  • Post Crisis Planning

Where: 2340 Dundas St. West, Suite G27 | Toronto, ON M6P 4A9

When: Membership is free to anyone having a mental health issue. Please call for more details.

Contact: Gary 416-234-9245 Ext. 223 |

Toronto Military Family Resource Centre – Short-Term Intervention and Crisis Support

Group Name: Toronto Military Family Resource Centre – Short-Term Intervention and Crisis Support

Description: The Toronto Military Family Resource Centre (TMFRC) is a community based non-profit charitable organization. Our goal is to recognize and foster the unique strength of families within the military community. Our aim is to support our families in a meaningful way by providing the resources to assist, maintain and enhance their quality of family life while living in the Greater Toronto Area.

We all need a helping hand now and again. Our counsellor offers crisis intervention and short term emotional support for individuals, couples and families. We can assist you in dealing with issues and situations you find personally challenging. Counselling gives you a chance to be heard without judgment by someone outside of your situation. You can also acquire knowledge and learn new skills, which can help you find your own solutions. Assistance can be provided for a variety of issues, such as:

  • Deployment-related stress
  • Relationships
  • Youth
  • Stress
  • Grief, loss
  • Anxiety and self esteem
  • Addictions
  • Living with violence
  • Families with Special Needs

***Appointments can be booked Monday to Friday. The service is confidential and free. Eligibility:
Families of Regular Canadian Forces members and of the Reserve (Classes B and C).

Where: Toronto Military Family Resource Centre | 5 Yukon Lane | Toronto, ON M3K 0A1

Contact: Michael MacDonald 416-633-6200 Ext. 4330 | | |

Child Development Institute – Transitioning Support

Group Name: Child Development Institute – Transitioning Support

Description: Child Development Institute (CDI) is an accredited children’s mental health agency, providing a range of programs and services for children 0 – 12 and their families. They offer evidence-based programs across three streams: Early Intervention Services, Family Violence Services and Healthy Child Development. Their approach is family-focused and we work with each child and family’s unique strengths, needs and challenges. They help them to uncover their abilities, give them tools to succeed, and support them in overcoming challenges.

Transitions is a drop-in group program to support women and children who have experienced family violence or other trauma, and are currently in crisis or transition. The drop-in group is run weekly and provides mothers with the opportunity to get support, resources and referrals as issues arise. Children attend a separate group where they learn stress management and safety planning techniques, as well as coping strategies and social skills. Transitions supports families during times of crisis and change.

Where: Child Development Institute | 197 Euclid Avenue | Toronto, ON M6J 2J8

When: Call for more information.

Contact: Asifa Sheikh 416-603-1827 Ext. 2241 | Ena Burbana 416-603-1827 Ext. 2249 | |

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