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Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter – Counselling

Group Name: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter – Counselling

Description: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter (EWS) was opened in 1983 by a group of community members who saw a need for a safe place for women and children fleeing violence. Since that time, Ernestine’s has assisted many families with critical immediate care services. Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, an organization run by women, provides support and shelter for women and children escaping violence. Ernestine’s assists women and children in rebuilding their lives by providing crisis intervention and a range of holistic support services, while acknowledging the multitude of issues facing survivors of abuse. Ernestine’s adapts its services to honour diversity and the unique needs of the individual.

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter provides 24-hour crisis and supportive counselling to women and children.
Counsellors work with clients to rebuild their lives by helping them set goals for the future and make plans to achieve those goals. The counsellors provide referrals and connect clients to resources. Counselling is for women and children who are experiencing violence and or abuse, have left an abusive or violent situation, are thinking of leaving an abusive or violent situation, have left the abuse or violent situation and are thinking of returning, and who want strategies for leaving an abusive or violent situation. This is a free service.

Where: P.O. Box 141, Stn. B | Etobicoke, ON M9W 5K9

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-746-3701 press O (Crisis Line) | 416-743-1733 (Main Line) | |

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Family Support Program

Group Name: Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Family Support Program

Description: Much like the rich fabric that is Canadian culture, our Polycultural family reflects the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of the communities we serve. We are dedicated to maintaining an open, inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Currently, we serve clients in over 40 different languages in our six locations across the GTA. Polycultural supports a holistic approach to serving the needs of our community by providing a range of programs including newcomer orientation, education, language, employment and family support services.

Polycultural understands the many challenges associated with being new to Canada, and we aim to support families through their transition while helping you balance the cultural values, traditions and beliefs that are important to your family.

Counsellors provide assistance to immigrant communities in the GTA through one-to-one and family counselling.

  • Culturally competent guidance and education.
  • Private and confidential counselling is available for each family member who would like to participate.
  • Assistance accessing community legal clinics, social assistance, income supports, Community Care Access Centres, disability benefits, pensions, shelters, housing programs and more.
  • Help accessing health services for people dealing with mental health, addictions or physical illness.
  • Help to identify and resolve personal and/or family problems such as family communication breakdown, violence, parenting, addictions, separation, disabilities, financial difficulties, or homelessness.
  • Referrals to community supports and services.

Where: 17 Four Seasons Place, Suite 102 | Toronto, ON M9B 6E6

When: There are currently three locations across Toronto offering this service. Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-533-9471 | 416-233-0055 | 416-261-4901 | |

Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services – Violence Against Women

Group Name: Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services – Violence Against Women

Description: Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services (FNS) is committed to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents of Flemingdon Park and the City of Toronto. As a multi-service organization, we are dedicated to increasing access to information and community resources for our clients through advocacy, empowerment and education. We facilitate the achievement of personal goals, provide support, promote safety and foster harmony, vitality and community development. We celebrate diversity by promoting understanding, acceptance and respect for each other.

The Women’s Program raises awareness and connects with women in the community regarding issues related to domestic violence, women’s rights and options. We support women through the choices they make, whether they remain in their homes and increase their safety or choose to leave their abusive situation. Individualized support includes and isn’t limited to, providing an understanding, professional and confidential environment for women in abusive relationships, assisting women in crisis due to their abusive relationship, and assisting women who are preparing to leave or have left abusive relationships. Women’s support groups:

  • Groups enable women to build connections through peer support
  • We offer women’s support groups throughout the year
  • Here to Help is a support group for children who have witnessed abuse and their mothers

*** We provide these services primarily to women in Flemingdon Park and surrounding areas.

Where: 10 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 104 | Toronto, ON M3C 3A1

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-424-2900 Exts. 16, 17 | |

Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women – Reduse Abuse

Group Name: Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women – Reduse Abuse

Description: We seek to empower women, seniors and newcomers to achieve their full potential. We provide services focused on promoting healthy families, community relationships and economic self-sufficiency. We believe this work helps empower immigrant and newcomer women, seniors, and families to enjoy all rights and benefits of living in Canada.

The Reduce Abuse program supports women from all walks of life, but notably those of South Asian and Caribbean descent who have recently immigrated to Canada and reside in the Greater Toronto Area. The program is delivered in partnership with Toronto Police Division 31. We work to create a broader awareness of women’s rights in Canada within immigrant communities. This furthers our mission to reduce abuse among newcomers. Women who participate in the program experience a sense of self-realization. They often continue their association with the Centre as volunteers and mentors in their own capacity.

Where: 2350 Finch Avenue West, Unit D | Toronto, ON M9M 2C7

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-663-2978 | |

Catholic Crosscultural Services – Supportive Services for Women

Group Name: Catholic Crosscultural Services – Supportive Services for Women (Violence Against Women )

Description: Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) is a non-profit agency providing services that assist in the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees. At CCS we serve all newcomers, refugees, and immigrants, regardless of race, colour, age, creed, religion or political affiliation.

Catholic Crosscultural Services provides individual, short term, solution focused counselling, crisis intervention, language specific group support services, and safety plan development for women of all ages who are experiencing domestic violence or abuse.

We assist women in obtaining Legal Aid Certificates (for 2 hours free consultation), and making applications for subsidized housing and financial assistance through Ontario Works. We also provide assistance to women on immigration, education and employment related issues, and information and referrals to other community services. *** Services are provided in five different languages: English, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi and Spanish. All services are free and confidential.

Where: 55 Town Centre Court, Suite 401 | Toronto, ON M1P 4X4

When: This program is offered at the Brampton and Mississauga locations. Please contact for more information.

Contact: 416-757-7010 |

Arab Community Centre of Toronto – Domestic Abuse Education Project

Group Name: Arab Community Centre of Toronto – Domestic Abuse Education Project

Description: The Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT) is a non for profit organization with charitable status, and is non-political and non-sectarian. The ACCT is proud to be a focal point for all Arab and non-Arab communities in which they can find an outlet for settlement and social services inquiries. We serve newcomers of all cultures, religions and ethnicities.

The Domestic Abuse Education project’s aim is to raise awareness regarding violence against women, elders and children and to educate clients about the effects of violence and inform them about better ways of dealing with conflict.

This past year, we noticed an increase of domestic violence cases. We had quite a few cases that were referred to us by the Police Victim Services, Social Services, LINC schools and probation Officers. Fortunate enough we were able to prevent a few cases from escalating, especially cases that were brought to our attention before being reported to the police. Counseling was a great help in many of these cases.

Where: 555 Burnhamthorpe Road, Suite 209 | Etobicoke, ON M9C 2Y3

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-231-7746 | |

COSTI Immigrant Services – Men’s Intervention (Partner Abuse)

Group Name: COSTI Immigrant Services – Men’s Intervention (Partner Abuse)

Description: Meeting the needs of a diverse society since 1952, COSTI Immigrant Services is a community-based multicultural agency providing employment, educational, settlement and social services to all immigrant communities, new Canadians and individuals in need of assistance. COSTI strives to be a leader in community service by using a client focused, proactive, and innovative approach in planning, developing and delivering services. Our programs ensure that regardless of language or cultural barriers, people who arrive in Canada are able to use their existing skills, learn new ones, and participate actively in all aspects of Canadian life.

Passi Nuovi is a culturally competent men’s intervention group for Italian Canadian men who are court mandated or voluntarily attend, and need to acknowledge their abuse towards their partners, wives, or girlfriends. Through their group participation, men gain a better understanding of the different types of abuse, and learn to take personal responsibility to reduce the abuse and violence. Services Available:

  • Individual assessment.
  • 16 weeks closed group, which focuses on teaching men who participate about different types of abuse ad taking responsibility for reducing violence.
  • Partner Contact and referral to the Violence Against Women program.
  • Support and resource information for partners.

****Staff at this location speak English and Italian. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Services are available to all Italian Canadian men residing in the Greater Toronto area and York Region.

Where: Family and Mental Health Services, Sheridan Mall, 1700 Wilson Ave., Suite 105
| Toronto, ON M3L 1B2

When: Tuesdays from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Contact: 416-658-1600 | 416-244-7714 | | |

The Redwood

Group Name: The Redwood

Description: Since 1993, we’ve been here to help women and children live free from domestic violence. Free from fear. Free from threat. Leaving an abusive situation is one of the toughest things any woman or child has to face. The Redwood provides the emotional, practical and social support that families need to get their lives back on track – we offer free and confidential services in 170 different languages.

Leaving an abusive situation is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to face.
How will you look after small children? Where will you find affordable housing? If you’re new to Canada, how will you find support in an unfamiliar environment? You’ll find the answers at The Redwood. We offer:

  • A safe free refuge 24 hours of the day
  • Services in your language
  • Telephone counseling
  • Counseling for you and your children
  • Housing support services
  • Referral to subsidized daycare and school registration
  • Job readiness training and employment counselling
  • Legal support in immigration, family law and legal aid
  • Referral and advocacy to gain access to ESL, healthcare and other services

At The Redwood, thousands of women and children found the way out – and the way up. You can too.

Where: P.O. Box 16023 | Toronto, ON M6J 3W2

When: Please call for more details.

Contact: 416-533-8538 ( 24/7 Crisis Line) | 416-533-9372 |

HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. – Women and Children of Abuse

Group Name: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc.

Description: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. (HFG), is a not-for-profit organization located in Toronto that provides free, ongoing support to women and children who have experienced abuse. HFG assists mothers and their children who have experienced abuse, by providing a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that facilitates recovery from the abuse. For mothers, HFG helps with reintegration into the workforce or maintaining current jobs by sourcing the necessary skills and training that is required. HFG provides a safe environment for mothers to talk about their experiences and learn coping skills and new parenting strategies that will help in their move to lead lives without abuse.

Some of the assistance HFG will provide free of charge include:

  • Parenting classes – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Counseling – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Family recreational activities with similarly situated persons and staff
  • Monthly support sessions on the last Saturday of every month for 10 months each year (we take July and August off for the summer holiday)

There is a weekly online conversation regarding violence against women. Women who feel they would benefit or are interested in learning more about are strongly encouraged to all or e-mail HFG Happy Families Support Network.

Where: 4-1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1285 | Pickering, ON, L1V 6W9

When: Please contact for more information.

Contact: 647-494-4090 | 1-866-484-9225

Interval House – Women’s Program

Group Name: Interval House – Women’s Program

Description: We raise our voice for the women in our home, ensuring that domestic violence is part of the public and political agenda. Interval House provides leadership in fighting violence against women. Women and children escaping violence find a safe haven at Interval House – a home where they can heal their physical and emotional scars and rebuild their shattered lives.Our Residential Program includes: Shelter life, counselling, women’s program, and a children’s program.

Women’s Program
Our Women’s Group explores different experiences for abused women including independence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and boundaries. In addition, we also offer:

  • Expressive Art Group
  • Workshops on parenting and other relevant issues brought forward by women
  • Cultural Interpreters and ESL
  • Court Support program to help women navigate the complex legal system including the criminal courts if there are charges against their partner, family court to help women gain custody of their children, as well as connecting women to legal aid and any other emotional or practical support they need
  • Social activities: games, movies and a reminder to take a little bit of time away from your children and for yourself

Where: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 200 | Toronto, ON, M5S 1R8

Contact: 416-924-1411 | |

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