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You know that you’re in a good group when…

  1. You feel safe to open up and talk
  2. You feel supported
  3. You can learn, give, and receive
  4. You can laugh and share in laughter
  5. You can make friends
  6. You can be a leader too (i.e. you can take on responsibilities in the group)
  7. You feel safe to address feelings of tension or conflict as they arise
  8. You can leave the group or rejoin when you want (i.e. you know that the group will be sensitive to any health/life challenges that might make it difficult to attend each and every group)*
  9. You and other members are supported to grow and graduate from the group (i.e. the  group creates formal and informal opportunities to celebrate your growth)
  10. You notice that the group allows its members to continually evaluate and make changes to the group, as its members change and/or develop
  11. You know that it feels right for YOU


To find out more about peer support groups please contact the Self-Help Resource Centre.


*Note: This is in reference to open groups (i.e. open to the public) and not closed groups (i.e. private by invitation only).


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