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Miles Nadal JCC – Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME)

Group Name:  Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME).

Group Description:  TIME™ is a group exercise program originally designed by Toronto Rehab-UHN physiotherapists and led by fitness instructors at local community centres across Canada. The program was developed for adults who have challenges with balance and mobility.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Get fit and increase your energy
  • Be more confident in your balance
  • Feel stronger and more active
  • Enjoy the many benefits of exercise
  • Move with more ease in your home and community

Join TIME™ in a local community centre for a program that provides safe and beneficial exercise to meet these goals. Classes are one hour long, 1-2 times per week, usually 10-12 weeks.

Participants must be able to walk independently for 10 m (30 feet) with or without a cane or walker. Many of the participants in the class have difficulties with balance or moving around in their home or community due to conditions such as stroke or MS. Registration fees for the TIME program vary. Please inquire at the specific site in your area. Subsidies may be available from the community centre

Where:  Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, M5S 2J2

When:  Wednesdays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Contact: Colin Blayney Phone 416-924-6211 Ext. 526 | Email:

Yoga Group- Working with Stress and Anxiety – Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS) and Family Outreach and Response (FOR)

Group Name:  Yoga, Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS) and Family Outreach and Response (FOR)

Description:  Yoga- Working with Stress and Anxiety is a 5 week introduction to yoga course.  The course aims at assisting participants cope with stress and anxiety.  All abilities are welcome.  Yoga mats and light refreshments will be provided.  

Where:  Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS), main group room, 65 Wellesley Street East Unit # 300.

When:  January 21rst to February 18th, 2016, Thursdays from 1:45pm to 2:45pm.

Contact:  Gillian Gray at the email address:


Stella’s Place and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – Fitness and Wellness Program.

Group Name:  On Track – Stella’s Place in partnership with Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (MNJCC)
Description:  ONTrack is a FREE, peer-supported fitness, recreational, wellness and physical literacy program, for young adults 16-24 (If you fall outside of these age ranges please contact us and we can direct you to additional resources) with mild to moderate mood or mental health challenges.
Where:  Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 Spadina Ave. (at Bloor), Toronto Ontario M5S 2J2
When:  The program will Start Feb 8, 2016 and will run for 8 weeks until the end of March 2016.
Contact:  Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre Phone: (416) 924-6211, E-mail:

Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight

The Self-Help Resource Centre’s Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight in partnership with Houselink has come to an end. This was a peer support wellness group for people of all shapes and sizes who were interested in discovering easy ways eat healthier and get moving while connecting with other. For eight weeks we met every Friday exercising first and then participated in other group activities indoors. From mindful eating exercises to examining tips on achieving our best personal body image, we did it all. As facilitators, we enjoyed it immensely. Here’s what the participants had to say:

What they liked most?

“Talking with others who struggle with the same issues as I do”

“More than enough time for questions and answers; good interaction”

“The people!”

“Information to take home 1st day interesting”

What did they find most useful?

“Learning to accept myself the way I am”

“Openness and frankness of discussions”

“Liked the mindfulness exercises dealing with eating, body image, etc.”


Agincourt Community Services Association – Seniors Yoga

Group Name: Agincourt Community Services Association – Seniors Yoga

Description: Today, ACSA (Agincourt Community Services Association) addresses a variety of issues including systemic poverty, hunger, housing, homelessness, unemployment, accessibility and social isolation. Over the years ACSA has been funded by all levels of government, several foundations, schools, local faith communities, and The United Way of Greater Toronto. Its strength remains in the original concept: To act as a bridge between people who need help and those who can provide it.

This program is available to seniors every week. It is consists of mostly Tamil speaking seniors, but all are welcome to join. There is no fee required.

strong>Where: Dorset Park Community Hub, 1911 Kennedy Road, Suite 105 | Toronto, ON M1P 2L9

When: Every Wednesday from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m.

Contact: 416-321-6912 Ext. 316 | 416-292-6912 (Dorset Park) | |

True Peace Toronto – Meditation Sessions

Group Name: True Peace Toronto

Description: The True Peace Toronto practices meditation and mindfulness in the tradition of Buddhist Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village spiritual community which he leads. Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings focus on the practice of mindfulness in everyday life, as well as on meditation in all its forms. Our main activities are the conduct of mindfulness practice sessions, courses on Buddhist teachings, days of mindfulness, and retreats. Our practice extends into our daily lives through daily sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindfulness in all activities, and the practice of the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

We practice meditation, mindfulness, and Zen Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. A typical meditation session consists of:

  • Guided meditation (approx. 20 min)
  • Walking meditation (approx. 15 min)
  • Silent sitting meditation (approx. 20 min)
  • Mindful movements/stretching (approx. 5-10 min)
  • A reading on Buddhist teachings (we pass a book around the circle and each of us reads a paragraph from it if we wish) (approx. 15 min)
  • Dharma sharing: sharing our experience with the practice in our daily lives or asking questions.

The sessions are facilitated by experienced meditation practitioners. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions: All are welcome. Attendance is free of charge (donations welcome).
No experience is necessary. We have an email list for announcements and sharing about practice. To sign up to it, you must show up to one of the meditation sessions and write down your email address.
We have a Sangha Library from which you can borrow or buy books on meditation and Buddhism(Monday session only at the moment). You are welcome to ask questions about meditation, mindfulness, Buddhist practice, as well as personal issues to the facilitators in person or in email. You are encouraged to speak with and make friendships with other people in the group! It is very helpful to have friends who are also practicing this path.

When: Mondays from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 pm at the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Toronto, 569 Spadina Avenue and Fridays from 6:45 – 8:45 pm at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 Spadina Ave.

Contact: Ghan Chee | David Frank |

Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight

The Self-Help Resource Centre, with the assistance of Houselink, has launched a new peer support wellness group, titled “Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight”. This group is for persons interested in discovering ways to eat healthier and get active, while connecting with other community members.

The group formed by shared experiences of the volunteers, in which medical professions had advised them to lose weight and eat healthy; however, failing to acknowledge that those goals require more than just exercising and eating healthy, but also need peer support and guidance. The premise of this group relies on the acknowledgement that people who are overweight, and people who are not, may experience some of the same things that are not necessarily due to a particular illness or condition; such as, poor body image, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fatigue and joint pain. Therefore, this group is an inclusive space for those who wish to lose weight and those who would like to gain confidence and positive esteem with their body image.

The group will start with a thirty minute community walk, followed by a one hour discussion. The discussion topics are not limited to the following: accepting and respecting the diversity of body sizes and shapes, emotional eating, body image, mindful eating, etc.

We recognize that each individual is unique and that we all, individually and collectively, have the power and ability to improve our physical and mental health. We would also like to acknowledge that we do not offer medical advice. For additional information and support around eating disorders please visit the following websites.

Sheena’s Place – for eating disorders, self-esteem and eating disorder recovery support
Sistering – for services and support specifically pertaining to women
The National Eating Disorder Information Centre – resources on eating disorders and weight preoccupation.
The Toronto Public Library – for a variety of free resources on exercise, healthy eating, chronic illnesses, and eating disorders.
The Self-Help Resource Centre – database of over 700 support groups in the GTA.

Scadding Court Community Centre – Community Kitchen

Group Name: Scadding Court Community Centre – Community Kitchen

Description: Founded in March 1975, Scadding Court Community Centre is located at the corner of Dundas and Bathurst streets and adjacent to the Atkinson Cooperative Housing Complex (formerly Alexandra Park social housing). Our programs target under-serviced, culturally diverse groups such as low-income families, at-risk children and youth, newcomers, people living with disabilities, seniors and the un/underemployed. Between 500 and 600 people visit the Centre each day to participate in programs and services, or just to socialize.

One component of the Food for Thought initiative is a community kitchen style program that is open to community members to shop, cook and share food together in a comfortable and educational setting. Participants of the program learn recipes from all over the world, learn nutritional components of foods, and discover healthy and affordable shopping alternatives. Members will also take home some of the food produced in the class. The program also includes topics such as food handling, kitchen safety, and cooking techniques. The participants are also involved with the Urban Agriculture Program where organic produce is grown in the greenhouse and the community garden for use in the community kitchen.

Where: 707 Dundas Street West | Toronto, ON M5T 2W6

When: Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Contact: 416-392-0335 | |

Northwood Neighbourhood Services – Senior’s Recreational Program

Group Name: Northwood Neighbourhood Services – Senior’s Recreational Program

Description: Northwood Neighbourhood Services is a versatile organization that has been serving multicultural communities in North Toronto since 1982. We provide programs and services within the community that will empower individuals, families and groups to achieve, maintain and enhance a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

The Seniors Recreational Programs operate within the framework of engagement and empowerment so that seniors can function as active members of their communities.

The programs provide seniors with an opportunity to socialize with one another in a safe and secure environment while receiving a hot, freshly made meal. Some of the recreational activities seniors participate in include playing games, dancing, attending health and wellness workshops, celebrating holidays and birthdays as well as ethno-cultural events. Additionally, seniors receive information about their rights and the resources available for their needs. Our seniors wish to be contributing citizens. To this effect, they are mentored to take on volunteer and leadership roles within their communities.

Mindful of the ethno-cultural diversity of the population in the community, the programs serve Albanian, African and Caribbean, Vietnamese and Chinese, Latin American as well as other ethno-cultural groups.

Where: 1860 Wilson Avenue, Suite 400 | Toronto, ON M9M 3A7

When: Please call for locations and times.

Contact: 416-748-0788 | |

Midaynta Community Services – Senior Services

Group Name: Midaynta Community Services – Senior Services

Description: Midaynta Community Services is a registered Canadian charity organization that provides settlement services and other programs that advances education by providing courses, seminars, meetings, counseling and other support services for refugees & immigrant in need. Midaynta Community Services is a social and settlement services agency, working to improve the quality of life of newcomers in Toronto and vicinity.

Senior Services
Midaynta joined the Breaking Down the Barriers to Seniors Services project under the Multi Agency Partnership Project (MAPP) in 2003. The program was funded by the United Way of Greater Toronto.
The seniors’ services program was consequently developed over the following 3 years and is run at Weston and Lawrence area. It has become quite popular among the Somali senior population. Through the program, seniors have access to recreational and educational programs, congregate dining, various health-related services, meals on wheels, transportation and escort, home help/homemaking, respite care, adult day programs and seniors’ case management (information and referral, crisis intervention and assistance).

Where: 1992 Yonge Street, Suite 203 | Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-544-1992 | |

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