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Malvern Family Resource Centre – Women’s Wellness Group (Patois)

Group Name: Malvern Family Resource Centre – Women’s Wellness Group (Patois)

Description: Malvern Family Resource Centre as a social service agency strives to be sensitive to the different and changing needs of the diverse communities we serve including people with disabilities. Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to strengthening families and individuals through inclusive and effective programs and services for children, youth, women, seniors and families in the Rouge River riding. Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to developing policies, practices and procedures that respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities, as well as integration and equality of opportunity.

Women’s Place provides women with information on issues that affect them, and offer programs, resources and services that will assist them to realize their full potential. It is a place for marginalized and vulnerable women who are isolated and face barriers. The programs focus on ending isolation while strengthening women to build skills and help them become more independent. Women also learn about resources available and how to navigate the system.

Make connections with other women in the community. Make new friends while discussing a variety of wellness issues that affect us all. Presentations and activities will focus on emotional, physical and mental health. ***This program is offered in Patois.

Where: 90 Littles Road | Scarborough, ON M1B 5E2

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-284-4184 |

CultureLink – Seniors Services

Group Name: CultureLink – Seniors Services

Description: CultureLink is a settlement organization that is both old and new. We have over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering settlement services to meet the needs of diverse communities. Passionate about providing innovative services to newcomers, we adapt to changes and create new programs that best respond to and address our clients’ specific needs. Our team of 50 staff members, speaking more than 30 languages, is dedicated, knowledgeable, and multicultural.
Our services connect cultures to build welcoming communities. We assist newcomers looking for employment, help families navigate the school system, and provide newcomer youth with the skills necessary for bright and successful futures. We support refugees and bring together new and established Canadians. In everything we do, we are committed to embracing differences and linking the new with the old.

The Newcomer Seniors Centre (NSC) provides services and activities to all newcomer seniors with a special focus on Chinese, Polish, and Spanish speaking seniors. The activities are for all immigrant seniors, primarily driven by seniors. The seniors and NSC staff organize educational workshops and social events for the immigrant seniors to mingle and learn more about their communities and their rights in Canada. We are constantly exploring different ways to engage immigrant seniors and facilitate their integration and contribution to Canadian society. Services include:

  • General information and referrals
  • Educational workshops related to ageing such as health and safety, financial issues, etc.
  • Internet literacy classes
  • Fitness program
  • Cultural outings and field trips
  • Arts and crafts
  • Global Roots Gardening
  • Variety of social events

Where: 2340 Dundas St. West, Suite 301 | Toronto, ON M6P 4A9

When: Please call for program times and locations.

Contact: 416-588-6288 | |

Afghan Women’s Organization – Senior Afghan Women Circle

Group Name: Afghan Women’s Organization – Senior Afghan Women Circle

Description: Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO) first opened its doors to address the needs of Afghan women living in Ontario. AWO began by offering English training and settlement services for newly arrived Afghan women. Not only have we significantly expanded these particular services, but have also considerably broadened the scope of our projects and programs. Currently, the AWO’s various projects and programs are assisting hundreds of Afghan refugees immigrate to Canada; helping ease the settlement process for many new immigrants in Ontario; providing resources to find employment and training opportunities; offering psychological support; and creating individual and group counseling for families, seniors and youth.

The Senior Afghan Women’s Circle is designed with the primary objective to reach out to isolated and ostracized Afghan senior women in hopes of decreasing their social isolation and assisting them in becoming more active and healthy members of Canadian society. Afghan senior women are a segment of the larger Afghan community that has been recognized as experiencing tremendous mental health issues (i.e., post-traumatic stress, depression, culture shock) as well as physical health concerns. In addition, mobility and language barriers along with a general lack of knowledge about their new surroundings all contribute to feelings of social isolation and fear. The program provides and communicates information especially designed to fit their specific cultural needs, as well as creating an environment where they can provide one another with mutual support.

Where: 789 Don Mills Rd., # 700 | Toronto, ON M3C 1T5

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-588-3585 | |

Bernard Betel Centre

Group Name: Bernard Betel Centre

Description: The Bernard Betel Centre is committed to empowering seniors to lead active, creative and healthy lifestyles in a Jewish environment.
In 1965, with support from UJA Federation, the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) formed the Creative Living Program for seniors who were able to plan and implement their own activities with help from volunteers.

The Bernard Betel Centre offers many high-quality services to our members. We regularly hold wellness clinics, including ones for chiropody and blood pressure, as well as lectures on wellness and related subjects. Our Community Outreach program includes friendly visits from trained volunteers, at-home respite care and client intervention. A kosher cafeteria offers a full menu to members Monday through Friday, and prepares all our “Meals on Wheels.” Our special events and activities, as well as our myriad courses are open to all, unless otherwise specified. Members and non-members are also welcome to rent our facilities, including the auditorium and computer lab, and our kitchen can provide catering to suit your needs. *** Languages are English and Russian.

Where: 1003 Steeles Ave. W. | Toronto, ON M2R 3T6

Contact: 416-225-2112 | |

Unison Health and Community Services – Walking Group

Group Name: Unison Health and Community Services – Walking Group

Description: Unison Health and Community Services is a non-profit, community-based organization governed by a Board of Directors who are elected every year at our Annual General Meeting. At Unison we strive to:

  • Engage residents through high quality accessible health and community services.
  • Empower them to build on strength and inspire change.
  • Enhance the health of our communities.

Walking Group
This is a free, fun program that supports active living and healthy life styles. Every Wednesday, the group comes together to walk, talk, laugh, have fun, connect with each other and nature. Registration required. *** Serves residents living between the borders of Bathurst west to Keele St and from Wilson Avenue north to Steeles Avenue West.

Where: Antibes Community Centre, 140 Antibes Drive | Toronto, ON M2R 3J3

When: Every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. (June 5 to October 30)

Contact: 647-342-7687 |

Jamaican Canadian Association – Seniors Club

Group Name: Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) – Caribbean Canadian Seniors Club

Description: The Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) is an incorporated, non-profit charitable organization which celebrates the cultural heritage of Jamaica in all its forms. We hold true to Jamaica’s motto “Out of Many, One People”. JCA aims to improve life for Caribbean people of all heritage, people of African descent, as well as others who subscribe to our goals and core values.

The Caribbean Canadian Seniors Club as formed to create a place for seniors to meet on a regular basis. This active and engaged seniors group lobby government and agencies on issues concerning seniors. They can often be found travelling to various places of interest around Canada. This tight knit and welcoming group of seniors encourage each other to life an active and rewarding life. The objectives of this group are to:

  • Plan regular social and recreational activities
  • Alleviate loneliness and Isolation
  • Advocate for Seniors on social issues
  • Encourage fitness and living healthy
  • Provide Peer Support
  • Interact with other Groups

Where: 995 Arrow Road | Toronto, ON M9M 2Z5

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and membership is open to ALL.

Contact: 416-746-5772 | |

South Asian Women’s Centre – Senior’s Group

Group Name: South Asian Women’s Centre (SAWC) – Senior’s Group

Description: The South Asian Women’s Centre is a voluntary non-profit women’s organization run by, and for South Asian Women. Our purpose is to increase self awareness of South Asian Women and to empower women to develop their social and cultural potential. The Centre is a place where South Asian Women of all backgrounds and ages can access a variety of programs and services. We strive to provide an environment where women can work together to promote their well-being.

Senior’s Group
The group is funded by the City of Toronto CSP Partnership Program for Multilingual (Temil, Hindi, and Punjabi) isolated senior women. The group meets to discuss issues such as exercise, diet and nutrition, cultural activities, crafts, elder abuse, and health issues as they affect women who are seniors.

Where: 800 Lansdowne | Toronto, ON M6H 4K3

When: Thursdays from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Contact: Harleen Ahuja 416-537-2276 Ext. 234 | |

MicroSkills – Youth Welcoming Centre

Group Name: MicroSkills – Youth Welcoming Centre

Description: Community MicroSkills Development Centre is a non-profit organization that has served communities in Toronto and surrounding areas since 1984. They provide settlement, employment, and self-employment services to individuals, with priority to the needs of immigrants, youth, visible minority people, and low-income women.

Our Youth Welcoming Centre is a space that offers programming where youth feel welcomed, supported and valued by the community where they live. The Centre reaches out to youth who are new in Canada, as well as youth who are established in their community, and engages them in activities for mutual sharing, learning, and peer support. MicroSkills implements the Youth Welcoming model not only in the Centre itself, located at Dixon and Islington, but also in the other offsite locations where our youth services are delivered, such as in local schools, multi-service centers and hubs. Our youth services are available from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, and include:

  • Education and Career Support
  • Physical, Nutrition & Wellness Program
  • English Conversation Starters
  • Leadership and Volunteer Development
  • Parent Engagement
  • Empowered Girls Clubs
  • Information, Support and Referral Services
  • Rexdale ProTech Media Centre
  • Cook Pre-apprenticeship Program

Where: 235 Dixon Road, Unit 12 | Toronto, ON M9P 2M5

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-247-7181 Exts. 1, 2601 | 1-877-979-3999 | |

Women’s College Hospital – Wellness for Independent Seniors

Group Name: Women’s College Hospital – Wellness for Independent Seniors

Description: Women’s College Hospital is established in women’s health – our remarkable history goes back more than a century in Ontario. We have gone through many changes in the past several years – the most recent being regaining our independent governance on April 1, 2006. This is a very exciting time for us, as we explore new and better ways to provide care to women and their families throughout every phase of their lives. Women’s College Hospital is a community dedicated to achieving leadership in women’s health in an ambulatory care setting.

WISE stands for Wellness for Independent SEniors.The goal of the WISE program is to optimize the quality of life for seniors living in the community. Our program aims to:

  • Provide support and counselling to older adults and their families
  • Offer suggestions to improve our clients’ physical and mental health
  • Educate seniors about community resources and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Help seniors and their families plan for future care-related needs

You are eligible to participate in the WISE program if you are 60 years of age or older, and experiencing changes in your ability to function, due to: recent falls, changes in memory or
nutritional concerns (such as sudden weight loss or restricted diets). ***Referral: You must be referred to the WISE program by a physician.

Where: 790 Bay Street, 8th Floor | Toronto, ON M5G 1N9

Contact: 416-351-3700 | |

Dixon Hall – Parenting Support

Group Name: Dixon Hall – Parenting Support

Description: Dixon Hall creates opportunities for people of all ages to dream, to achieve and to live full and rewarding lives. The Health and Wellness Program provides opportunities for social interaction and support, promotes wellness among seniors, encourages members to develop leadership and creative skills, offers opportunities for continuing learning, provides activities for general enjoyment and facilitates cultural integration.

Parenting Support
GUHD – Growing Up Healthy Downtown! Studies have shown through extensive pediatric research, that a healthy start is vital to a long, productive and active life. The key developmental years begin even before a child is born and continue through to age 6, and good nutrition is part of that overall development. Dixon Hall’s Growing Up Healthy Downtown (GUHD) program works in partnership with 7 other community organizations to deliver programs and services that focus on improving the health and well-being of young children (0 to 6 years of age) as well as offering support and new skills to their parents or caregivers from how to prepare affordable healthy meals, to positive parenting and social skills development. Dixon Hall is committed to ensuring that children get a good start in life so that they can grow into health, happy adults.

Where: 58 Sumach St. | Toronto, ON M5A 3J7

When: Call for more information.

Contact: Ronnie Thompson 416-863-0499 Ext. 241 | | |

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