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BPD Connects – Support group for anxiety, depression and/or BPD

Group Name: BPD Connects – Support group for anxiety, depression and/or borderline personality disorder (BPD)

Description: Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder that, through its very intense emotional turmoil, mood swings, and instability, can be very unsettling to the lives of those affected by it and those living it.

For those experiencing the symptoms of BPD, it can feel like there is no hope. But, with the right treatment and recovery plan, you can learn to cope with your symptoms so they no longer disturb the lives of others or your own.

Our approach

Our main treatment approach is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

CBT is a type of therapy used for those who have difficulty understanding their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

DBT is a type of therapy used for those who experience very intense emotions and have challenges with impulsive behavior, difficulties in relationships and feeling lost with their own identity.

Where: River Grove Community Centre | 5800 River Grove Ave., Mississauga, ON, L5M 4R8

When: Our support group sessions are held once a month.  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held for one hour. Please bring a pen and paper along with you.

Contact: Michelle (647) 239-7480 |

The Canadian Addison Society

Group Name: The Canadian Addison Society

Description: Since 1990 when the Canadian Addison Society was founded, the membership has grown from 13 to about 150 members. The number of people with Addison’s disease varies with surveys in different countries depending on how these surveys are done, but in the United States, between 6 and 11 out of every 100,000 people will be diagnosed with this disease. The statistics are probably the same in Canada. The primary purpose of our site is to offer information about Addison’s Disease. Through our various support groups, we have contacts who may be able to provide information to the many questions a newly diagnosed Addisonian might have; as well as the opportunity of personal contact with somebody who has experienced some of the concerns associated with the disease. Our third goal is to help educate not only the medical society but also the public to aspects of the disease.

When diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, it is good to know that you are not alone. There can be a steep learning curve for both the individual and the family. Joining a local support group is an opportunity to have personal contact with others who have experienced the same problems as you are having, to get new ideas, and to get questions answered. A support group is a gathering place where Addisonians and family members can come together to exchange information and get ideas on how to cope. Support is one of the best tools for living with Addison’s disease.

Where: 193 Elgin Avenue West | Goderich, ON N7A 2E7

When: Meets twice a yearly. In May at the Erin Mills United Church, 3010 The Collegeway, Mississauga ON L5L 4X9 and in October at The Brantford Police Station, 344 Elgin Street, Brantford ON

Contact: Harold Smith 519-742-8170 | Roger Steinmann 519-575-6590 | 1-888-550-5582 |

Tangerine Walk-in Counselling

Group Name: Tangerine Walk-in Counselling

Description: Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is a free service for children, youth and families who live in the Peel Region. Tangerine offers a unique single-session approach to counselling. As a walk-in service, we are able to support children, youth and families when they need it most. We help our clients develop a clear plan of action that recognizes and builds on their own strengths and abilities. Sometimes we refer our clients to other services but, in many cases, a single visit to Tangerine is all our clients need in order to feel better about their situation and take the necessary steps toward positive change.

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is available free of charge to children and youth, up to their 18th birthday, and their parents, caregivers or adult supporters. Adolescents aged 12 to 17 may access this service independently. *** Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is only available to residents of the Region of Peel. We see families and their children for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Parents/caregivers/guardians frustrated with child/youth behaviours
  • Children, youth and families experiencing significant change such as a new school, a new relationship, or a new community
  • Challenges for children and youth that impact how they feel about themselves
    Issues for youth and/or their parents/caregivers relating to LGBT, including gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Relationship issues (friendships, dating, siblings)
  • Children and youth experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns
  • Strong feelings that are impacting behaviour at home, school or in the community
  • Youth experiencing difficulties at school or with parents
  • Youth involved in the justice system
  • Youth in transition
  • Youth who are at risk of homelessness
  • Grief and loss

Where: 160 Traders Blvd. East, Suite 100 | Mississauga, ON L4Z 3K7

When: Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (last walk-in session is at 6:00 p.m.) Wednesdays and Thursdays are the other counselling days at other locations. Please call for more details.

Contact: 905-795-3530 |

Peel Postpartum Mood Disorder Program

Group Name: Peel Postpartum Mood Disorder Program

Description: The Peel Postpartum Mood Disorder Program aims to build the community’s capacity to respond to families at risk for or experiencing postpartum mood disorder (PMD). Many women experiencing PMD don’t receive the support they need as it often goes undetected and undiagnosed. Service providers play a key role in recognizing the symptoms of PMD and referring families to the appropriate resources. Their website provides education, skill development and useful resources for service providers and families in the Region of Peel.

Treatments vary and include counselling, support, medication, therapy, and self-care. Mild to moderate PMD may respond to counselling and increased support, often found through joining a support group or through help from her partner and family.

Where: 6677 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Unit 60 | Mississaug, ON L5N 2R5
1801 Lakeshore Road West, Unit 101 | Mississaug, ON L5J 1J6

When: Wednesdays from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. (Meadowvale). Thursdays from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. (Lakeshore).

Contact: Raji Kaur 905-459-8439 Ext. 4 | 905-567-4156 (Meadowvale) | 905-822-1114 (Lakeshore) | |

Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) – FAMEKids

Group Name: Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) – FAMEKids

Description: FAME supports families so that they can live their lives and care for themselves and their loved ones, even in the face of mental health challenges. Their goal is for no family to experience these challenges alone. FAME helps reduce the stress of coping with mental illness by strengthening and supporting family members in your role as caregivers. They can provide advocacy, education, referrals and counseling to families and caregivers facing the challenges of any mental health issue. FAME works hard to ensure that families have a strong voice within the communities. They are based on a self-help model which respects and supports the expertise that families have regarding their mentally ill relative and their experience in the system.

FAMEKids is a program for children aged 7-12 years old, who have a family member with a mental illness. FAMEkids helps kids learn about mental health in an age-appropriate manner and equips them with coping skills through artwork, discussion and games in a safe, kid-friendly environment. Children learn that they are not alone and to not feel ashamed of their family’s struggle with mental illness. A light healthy snack is provided. ****There is no fee for FAMEkids but registration is required.

Where: 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West | Mississauga, ON M9C 3J5

When: Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. October 2 – November 20, 2014

Contact: Anie Najarian 416-207-5032 Ext. 26 | | |

Recovery Canada

Group Name: Recovery Canada

Description: Recovery Canada is licensed to practice the Recovery Method by Recovery International and is recognized by the Canadian Government. We are non-profit, non-sectarian and completely member managed. Recovery International is a self-help mental health program based on the ground breaking work of our founder, the late Abraham A. Low, M.D., a neuropsychiatrist.

Dedicated to the aftercare of people suffering from nervous and emotional stress, panic disorders, depression, etc. Provides self-help groups to people suffering from nervous and mental disorders.

Where: 16-20 Kitty Murray Lane | Ancaster, ON L9K 1L7

When: Optional membership fees are $21.00 per year. Recovery meetings are free although a collection is taken at each meeting; contributions are strictly voluntary. Meeting places are as follows:
Mondays: 7:00 p.m. Four Corners Library, 65 Queen Street E, Brampton. Call Laura.

Thursdays: 7:30 p.m. Cooksville United Church, 2500 Mimosa Row, Mississauga. Call Rosanne.

Contact: Rosanne 905-812-7935 | Laura 905-872-8548 |

Prostate Cancer Support Group

Group Name: Prostate Cancer Support Group

Description: Support group for prostate cancer patients, survivors, families and friends. Whether newly diagnosed or living with prostate cancer, they provide fellowship, emotional support, information and discussion.

Where: Wellspring Birmingham-Gilgan House Cancer Support Centre | 2545 Sixth Line | Oakville, ON L6H 7V9

When: Every third Wednesday of the month from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Contact: 905-691-5100 | 905-847-8801 | 905-257-1988 |

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Group Name: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada – Adult Brain Tumour Support

Description: The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a dedicated team of volunteers, patients, survivors, family members, health care professionals and staff, determined to make the journey with a brain tumour one full of hope and support. They work collaboratively to serve the needs of those Canadians affected by all types of brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Support Groups are a valuable opportunity for people with a brain tumour and their loved ones to share experiences and gain peer support in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. You can share experiences, pass on knowledge and gain peer support in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere at a monthly Adult Brain Tumour Support Group. Anyone affected by a brain tumour (survivors, patients, caregivers and loved ones) can attend, and new members are always welcome. You are welcome to attend any of these support groups, regardless of where you live.

Where: 620 Colborne St., Suite 301 | London, ON N6B 3R9

When: Mississauga location is the closest meeting for the GTA. Visit the locations page for meetings near you.

Contact: 519-642-7755 | 1-800-265-5106 | |

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