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Child Development Institute – Early Intervention Program

Group Name: Child Development Institute – Early Intervention Program

Description: Child Development Institute (CDI) is an accredited children’s mental health agency, providing a range of programs and services for children 0 – 12 and their families. They offer evidence-based programs across three streams: Early Intervention Services, Family Violence Services and Healthy Child Development.

Their approach is family-focused and we work with each child and family’s unique strengths, needs and challenges. They help them to uncover their abilities, give them tools to succeed, and support them in overcoming challenges.

Their Early Intervention programs help children and families struggling with social-emotional and behavioural issues. Our individual, group and school-based programs help them get back on track. SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan), CDI’s proven early intervention model, is incorporated into many of our programs, and helps children effectively manage their emotions and behaviour.

Where: Child Development Institute | 197 Euclid Avenue | Toronto, ON M6J 2J8

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-603-1827 Ext. 2300 |


Group Name: Mothercraft – Breaking The Cycle

Description: At Mothercraft, we strive to ensure that, regardless of where children begin in life, they are on a path to reach their full potential. Since 1931, we have been a leader in supporting healthy child development, working with our many community partners to meet the changing needs of families. We are committed to excellence, continually testing new concepts and ideas related to healthy child development. We are known for our ability to translate these critical research learnings into everything we do-from our high-quality child care and enrichment programs, to our services for children and families with special needs, and specialized training programs for child care providers and other professionals. Mothercraft values diversity and strives to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Breaking the Cycle (BTC) is an early identification and prevention program designed to reduce risk and to enhance the development for substance-exposed children (prenatal – 6 years) by providing services which address maternal addiction problems and the mother-child relationship through a community based cross-systemic model. Families receive integrated addictions counselling, health/medical services, parenting support, development screening and assessment, early childhood interventions, child care, access to FASD Diagnostic Clinic, and basic needs support in a single access setting in downtown Toronto, with home visitation and street outreach components. *** Anyone interested in the programs we run can refer to the Mothercraft website for information about the programs themselves, but again, there is an intake process for each person.

Where: 100-860 Richmond Street West | Toronto, ON M6J 1C9

When: Call for more information on their various programs.

Contact: 416-364-7373 | 416-483-0511 | |

YWCA Teen Mothers’ Program

Group Name: YWCA Teen Mothers’ Program

Description: YWCA Toronto is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. We help women and girls flee violence, secure housing, find jobs, establish their voices, enhance skills and develop confidence. We offer a range of housing options, employment and training programs, community support programs, girls’ programs and family programs; we also engage in systemic advocacy.

The Teen Mothers’ Program is a free support program in south Scarborough for mothers 14 to 22 years of age. In the Teen Mothers’ program, we offer opportunities to build positive parenting skills and access to resources that support mothers on their parenting journey. This group offers a range of services for mothers, ages 14 to 22:

  • regular group meetings and check-ins with program worker and childcare staff
  • workshops on positive parenting, budgeting, nutrition
  • healthy meals and snacks
  • encouragement and ongoing support from staff and other mothers
  • child-centred activities for children that enhance development
  • activities for mother and child to interact
  • home visits, ongoing telephone and in-person counselling
  • career guidance
  • referrals to community resources
  • guest speakers

Where: Every Tuesday, 4:30-6:30 p.m at 4139 Sheppard Ave E. and every Thursday, 4:30-6:30 p.m. 3090 at Kingston Rd. Suite 101

Contact: Amy Brooks 416-266-1232 Ext. 30 | |

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