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The Four Villages Community Health Centre – Polish Diabetes Education Support

Group Name: The Four Villages Community Health Centre – Polish Diabetes Education Support

Description: The Four Villages Community Health Centre is a non-profit, primary health care facility. Since 1991, we have been providing many needed services to the individuals and families living in our service area. We provide primary health care services and programs that include treatment, prevention of illness, health promotion, and capacity building. Our interdisciplinary team works to provide coordinated services and programs for all ages, with a focus on seniors, families with young children (in particular newcomers) and youth. The services and programs are delivered at the individual, group and community levels.

Polish Chapter Of The Canadian Diabetes Association: Diabetes education in a supportive environment for
people who live with diabetes. This is a drop-in program and no registration is required. Cost: free and it is offered in Polish language.

Where: 1700 Bloor Street West | Toronto, ON M6P 4C3

When: Third Thursday of the month from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Contact: Krystyna 416-604-0640 Ext. 1058 |

North York Community House – Community Kitchen Program

Group Name: North York Community House – Community Kitchen Program

Description: North York Community House (NYCH) is a dynamic neighbourhood centre offering innovative programs and services to newcomers & residents, helping build strong, healthy communities.

NYCH has offered a variety of community kitchen programs for many years – the popularity of these groups is based on a powerful combination of food and fun. Participants get to know others in their communities, while cooking and eating delicious, nutritious meals together. These groups also provide an opportunity to learn about other supports and resources in the community, and discuss issues of concern. NYCH also conducts training sessions so that newcomers can learn how to facilitate their own community kitchen groups.

Where: 700 Lawrence Ave. W., Suite 226 | Toronto, ON M6A 3B4

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-544-1992 | |

Food Choices for This Season and Life

Don’t wait until the holiday feast has passed to start eating healthy and exercising regularly. Whether it’s hard to come by healthy food on a low income, or you have a cozy relationship with food, or you’re in the dark about the alternative to healthy eating, or worse, all of the above— you are the perfect candidate to make this change! The purpose of a holiday gathering, let’s be honest, is to reconnect with family and catch up. What it’s not, is an opportunity to gorge on food in attempt to cope with those pesky relatives or friends you can’t wait to see leave. Before reading a book on eating well on a budget or attending a support group about your emotional connection to food, it’s advisable that you educate yourself on the benefits of your impending transition. Be informed and be empowered. Your discipline from routinely planning healthy meals transfers to other areas of your life and you will see the difference. Maybe you will even then tackle those awkward relationships you might have with some relatives. Or maybe you will just inspire others around you to make the change to eating healthy. No matter how much genes contribute to the diseases or disorders related to food and lifestyle, we always have the power to help minimize that risk. That being said, you are encouraged to visit any one of the following:

The Toronto Public Library for free resources and materials on eating well on budget;
Walking for Health and Wellbeing group and meet others who enjoy the benefits of regular exercise;
Sheena’s Place for tackling that an unhealthy relationship with food;
The National Eating Disorder Information Centre if you suspect you may have an eating disorder;
FoodShare Toronto for cooking tips specific to people with breast cancer; and
Speak to a registered dietitian for free through EatRight Ontario and have your nutrition and healthy eating questions answered.

And contact us for organizations or community centres that offer exercise classes for all ages and fitness levels. Don’t wait for a chronic illness to develop, or an eating disorder, or continue wasting your money on empty calories. Educate yourself and be empowered because you are capable of change.

I leave you with this “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”

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Unison Health and Community Services – Vietnamese Support Program

Group Name: Unison Health and Community Services – Vietnamese Support Program

Description: Unison Health and Community Services is a non-profit, community-based organization governed by a Board of Directors who are elected every year at our Annual General Meeting. At Unison we strive to:

  • Engage residents through high quality accessible health and community services.
  • Empower them to build on strength and inspire change.
  • Enhance the health of our communities.

Vietnamese Support Program
This group of adults and seniors from the Vietnamese community meets monthly to talk about issues related to health, education and community resources, and celebrate cultural festivals and cooking healthy food with a registered dietitian. *** Service area is for residents living between Bathurst to Humber river, south to Bloor only Runnymede and north to Eglinton Avenue West.

Where: 1651 Keele Street | Toronto, ON M6M 3W2

When: Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. from 2 p.m.

Contact: Kim Nguyen 416-653-5400 Ext. 1265 |

The Stop Community Food Centre – Community Cooking

Group Name: The Stop Community Food Centre – Community Cooking

Description: The Stop strives to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality. We believe that healthy food is a basic human right. We recognize that the ability to access healthy food is often related to multiple issues and not just a result of low income. At The Stop, we’ve taken a holistic approach to achieve real change in our community’s access to healthy food.

Community Cooking at The Stop offers the opportunity for people to connect with each other over good food. This includes a variety of community kitchens (see below), which help build food skills, reduce social isolation, and participants’ access to healthy food, as well as regular food demonstrations on the preparations of various foods. Under the community cooking program there cooking groups for healthy cooking, men cooking together, Latin American cooking and diet specific cooking.

Where: 1884 Davenport Road | Toronto, ON M6N 4Y2

When: Call for more information as each group has a different location and times.

Contact: Hussein 416-652-7867 Ext. 238 | Kristyn 416-651-7867 Ext. 23 | |

All Saints Church-Community Centre – Drop-In

Group Name: All Saints Church-Community Centre – Drop-In

Description: All Saints Church-Community Centre is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment while enhancing the well-being of homeless and street-involved individuals from a harm reduction and human-rights based approach. All Saints provides friendship, social opportunities, group and individual creative expression opportunities, case management, counselling, advocacy, and sanctuary. These services are provided with respect, compassion, and without prejudice to all who seek them. We place people, their goals and needs, at the center of everything we do, and strive to create a place that is welcoming, supportive, and accessible.

For anyone requiring these services, All Saints provides:

  • coffee/tea & snacks
  • computers access
  • library
  • harm reduction supplies/needle exchange
  • support groups
  • arts & crafts
  • cooking/nutrition classes
  • health & wellness groups

Where: 315 Dundas Street East | Toronto, ON, M5A 2A2

When: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tuesday 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Contact: 416-368-7768 | |

Applegrove Community Complex- Pre- and Post-natal Program

Group Name: Applegrove Community Complex- Pre- and Post-natal Program

Description: Applegrove Community Complex is a multi-service community organization in southeast Riverdale in Toronto. Our catchment area runs from Jones to Woodbine Avenues and from Lake Ontario north to the Railway tracks. Services cover the age range with programs for infants, children, teens, adults and seniors.

This perinatal program supports women through a particularly vulnerable period and helps to connect them to ongoing resources. Partners in this program include Public Health, the East End Community Health Centre, and the federal government via the Canada Pre-natal Nutrition Program. Women enter the program when they are pregnant, and continue until their babies are 6 months old. Weekly sessions include nutrition workshops, information about pregnancy and children’s development, healthy snacks, assistance with transportation (TTC tickets), and a $10 grocery voucher. Special sessions, such as potlucks and craft days, enhance the informal support that participants offer each other. Skilled staff members offer information and referral to other community resources. Meanwhile, the women’s older children enjoy a playgroup, participate in song circles, play with puzzles, or try a craft project. The women can borrow items from the resource, toy and equipment lending libraries, or take home something from the clothing exchange. *** Must live between Greenwood and Victoria Park Avenues, and south of Danforth.

Where: 60 Woodfield Road | Toronto, ON M4L 2W6

When: Fridays from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. year round.

Contact: 416-461-8143 | |

Yorktown Family Services – Supporting Young Families

Group Name: Yorktown Family Services – Supporting Young Families

Description: Yorktown Family Services is a community-based nonprofit social services agency dedicated to providing effective, accessible, quality mental health treatment, prevention and out-reach services to children, youth, women and families in the former City of York.

Supporting Young Families is a United Way “Success By Six” Program for pregnant and parenting teens, under 22 years of age, with children birth to six years of age, living in the former City of York. Collaborating agencies include: Yorktown Child & Family Centre, Macaulay Child Development Centre, Humewood House, Unison Health & Community Services, Toronto Public Health and Programs Without Walls. Supporting Young Families services are available at The Jane Street Hub (Jane & Trethewey). Transit Tickets and Food Vouchers are available for participants. Young mothers are eligible to participate until their 23rd birthday and fathers until their 27th.

Where: 2010 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 300 | Toronto, ON M6E 2K3

When: Prenatal & Nutrition Education Program, a Healthy Eating and Nutrition Program, Fathering Support Group, a Parent & Child Program are offered with Child Care available on Thursdays, 4-6 p.m.

Contact: Leisha 416-394-2424 Ext. 243 | Karina 416-394-2424 Ext. 225 | |

The Macauley Child Development Centre

Group Name: The Macauley Child Development Centre – Supporting Young Families

Description: Macaulay Child Development Centre is a charitable organization committed to helping all children reach their full potential and thrive. Knowing that the best way to help a child succeed is to also support the child’s family and community, we offer programs and services for children and those closest to them.

Supporting Young Families is a program for pregnant and parenting teens. A collaborative initiative of 5 agencies, the range of services and supports offered includes:

  • Parent-child programs
  • Parenting workshops
  • Social support group
  • Nutrition education
  • Pre-natal education
  • Outreach

Where: Jane Street HUB, 1541 Jane Street | Toronto, ON M9N 2R3

When: Thursdays 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. For details regarding program, dates and times please consult our online brochure or call us.

Contact: 416-789-7441 | |

Rexdale Women’s Centre – Eating for Two Prenatal Nutrition Program

Group Name: Rexdale Women’s Centre – Eating for Two Prenatal Nutrition Program

Description: The Rexdale Women’s Centre is an independent, non-for-profit, voluntary agency that serves high-need women and their family members residing in the Greater Toronto Area. At the Rexdale Women’s Centre, our vision is that in the Greater Toronto Area all immigrant, newcomer and refugee women and their partners, children, parents, and other family members of all generations have everything they need.

This program is offered to expectant and new moms (both adults and teenagers) to promote healthy development of their children. In addition, this program also supports women who have limited social support and who may be new to Canada. The Rexdale Women’s Centre’s staff provides information and referral, connects moms to resources in the community and provides support for day to day living and challenges. The Rexdale Women’s Centre works in partnership with the Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition, Toronto Public Health, and the Rexdale Community Health Centre, to encourage healthy pregnancies and reduce the risk of low birth weight babies.

Where: 21 Panorama Court, Suite 23 | Etobicoke, ON, M9V 4E3

When: Every Wednesday from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Contact: Millicent 415-745-0062 Ext. 255 |

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