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Association Of Parent Support Groups in Ontario Inc

Group Name: Association Of Parent Support Groups in Ontario Inc.

Description: APSGO Inc. is an organization founded by parents, for parents and run exclusively by parents. Through weekly meetings, workshops and this web site, APSGO Inc. provides a completely non-judgmental community where parents of disruptive sons and daughters learn practical and proven techniques to help them and their children. Meetings are run by trained and skilled parents who have first-hand experience of the compelling evidence of the value of APSGO’s approach.

These groups are open to any parent or guardian who wishes to attend. Groups help parents to develop a plan tailored to their family’s needs. Each group helps parents build satisfying relationships while setting reasonable boundaries. There is support, information and advice available between meetings.
All information disclosed at meetings is kept confidential. Each group offers a continuous program of help, allowing parents to join at any time without referral or waiting period. Each group is a member of The Association of Parent Support Groups In Ontario Inc. (APSGO).

Where: P.O Box 27581 |Toronto, ON M6A 3B8

When: Groups meet once weekly. Call 1-800-488-5666 to be put in touch with the group nearest you.

Contact: 1-800-488-5666 | |

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