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Sherbourne Health Centre – LGBTQ Parenting Network

Group Name: Sherbourne Health Centre – LGBTQ Parenting Network

Description: Like the unique mosaic at our front door, Sherbourne was shaped by our communities. As with our programs and services, when the pieces are put together, the different colours and textures form something inviting, vibrant and relevant to the people we serve. We work closely with our partners and community members. Our primary care and chronic disease management services, health promotion and education, outreach and social supports, and mental health services work together to provide transformative care and support.

The LGBT Parenting Network was founded by The Family Service Association of Toronto (FSA) in 2001 (now Family Service Toronto – FST). With new funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in March 2006, the LGBT Parenting Network was moved from FSA to the Sherbourne Health Centre in March 2007 and added the Q, becoming the LGBTQ Parenting Network. The LGBTQ Parenting Network supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer parenting through training, research, resource development and community organizing. We work with individuals, organizations, and communities from the local to the international.

Where: 333 Sherbourne Street | Toronto, ON M5A 2S5

Contact: Rachel Epstein 416-324-4100 Ext. 5219 | |

Canadian Families and Corrections Network – Support for Families and Friends of Offenders

Group Name: Canadian Families and Corrections Network – Support for Families and Friends of Offenders

Description: The Canadian Families and Corrections Network works toward building stronger and safer communities by assisting families affected by criminal behavior, incarceration and community reintegration.

Do you need some support, information or a listening ear? Would you like to attend a support group for family members who have a loved one incarcerated? ***Please visit their website for locations outside of Toronto.

Where: Box 35040 | Kingston, ON K7L 5S5

When: Meetings are every two weeks in downtown Toronto. Please call for more information.

Contact: 1-888-371-2326 | |

North York Community House – Parenting Groups

Group Name: North York Community House – Parenting Groups

Description: North York Community House (NYCH) is a dynamic neighbourhood centre offering innovative programs and services to newcomers & residents, helping build strong, healthy communities.

NYCH also provides support groups specifically for parents and caregivers. These groups cover a wide range of topics to help newcomers deal with the transition to parenting in Canada. Groups are offered in different languages depending on community needs.

Where: 700 Lawrence Ave. W., Suite 226 | Toronto, ON M6A 3B4

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-544-1992 | |

Mennonite New Life Centre – Group Workshops & Programs

Group Name: Mennonite New Life Centre – Group Workshops & Programs

Description: The Mennonite New Life Centre envisions a society in which all people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds participate fully in all aspects of Canadian life. We will model an approach that brings together community engagement and community services, working together with newcomers to reduce insecurity and reach integration, strengthen voices and increase social equality. As a community-based settlement agency, the Mennonite New Life Centre is a place of welcome, friendship and community, where newcomers and neighbours gather to support each other, learn from each other, and take action together for a more just and compassionate society.

Group Workshops & Programs
Throughout the year, the community mental health program offers a range of group programs and workshops, providing participants with opportunities to share stories and mutual support, build resilience and hope, identify strengths and develop community leadership. Group programs include refugee support groups, parenting support groups, a strengths-based empowerment and leadership development group, and an employment and mental health group.

Our workshops support participants to tap into their inner strength, while managing emotions, learning positive communication approaches, and building support networks.

Where: 1774 Queen St. East | Toronto, ON M4L 1G7

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-699-4527 | |

Afghan Women’s Organization – Family Support

Group Name: Afghan Women’s Organization – Family Support

Description: Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO) first opened its doors to address the needs of Afghan women living in Ontario. AWO began by offering English training and settlement services for newly arrived Afghan women. Not only have we significantly expanded these particular services, but have also considerably broadened the scope of our projects and programs. Currently, the AWO’s various projects and programs are assisting hundreds of Afghan refugees immigrate to Canada; helping ease the settlement process for many new immigrants in Ontario; providing resources to find employment and training opportunities; offering psychological support; and creating individual and group counseling for families, seniors and youth.

Family Support
Through counselling and education, the AWO’s Family Crisis Support Program helps families within the Afghan community resolve domestic issues. The program’s approach to addressing conflicts and crisis within the families is influenced by their understanding of cultural norms and values within Afghan society. The Family Crisis Support program works with shelters, the police, and the court system to provide counseling and education on:

  • Spousal Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • Conflict Resolution

There are also information sessions on conflict resolution techniques, improving communication between partners, improving communication with children, and improving communication among siblings. Counselling sessions are arranged to help families address and resolve intra-family issues. The counselling sessions are strictly confidential and culturally competent. *Services are provided in Dari, Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Where: 789 Don Mills Rd., # 700 | Toronto, ON M3C 1T5

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-588-3585 | |

Native Child & Family Services of Toronto – SNAP Program

Group Name: Native Child & Family Services of Toronto – SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) for Parents and Children

Description: Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) was founded in 1986 by concerned members of Toronto’s Native community. The founders were concerned about the high number of children in the care of Children’s Aid Societies and by the issues, such as poverty, addictions, family violence, and homelessness, confronting Native families in the city. The founders were further concerned that while the Native family had many issues before it, few services within the mainstream sector were available to meet the needs of an increasingly voiceless and marginalized community.

SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) for Parents and Children
This 12-week program to help children and their caregivers learn self-control and problem solving skills using SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) within the framework of the medicine wheel and traditional Native teachings. (Concurrent separate groups are held for parents/caregivers and children.)

A telephone interview will be conducted with parents/caregivers prior to acceptance into the group. The SNAP Program is used under license from and adapted with permission from Child Development Institute.

For Parents/Caregivers:
Parents will be taught effective parenting skills to assist them in raising children with challenging behavioural problems. They will also learn about the self-control and problem solving skills being taught to their children.

For Children Aged 7 to 12:
The children’s program uses a cognitive behaviour approach that helps children control compulsive behaviour, think about the consequences of their behaviour, and develop appropriate social skills.

Where: 30 College Street | Toronto, ON M5G 1K2

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-969-8510 | |

Japanese Social Services – Raising ‘amuro’ Kids

Group Name: Japanese Social Services – Raising ‘amuro’ Kids

Description: Japanese Social Services is a charitable and nonprofit organization registered to Ministry of Finance, provides social services to habitants who have Japanese ethno-cultural background, living in southern Ontario centered in City of Toronto.

Raising amuro Kids is a support group for Japanese speaking parents of children with developmental and or physical disabilities. Childcare is provided and there is a sliding scale on fees for families who need assistance. Come and share experiences with other parents who can relate to the feelings and barriers faced by people with disabilities raising families.

Where: Thornhill United Church, 25 Elgin Street | Thornhill, ON L3T 1W5

When: Please call or e-mail for details.

Contact: 416-385-9200 | |

Adoption Council of Ontario – Parent Support Group

Group Name: Adoption Council of Ontario – Parent Support Group

Description: The Adoption Council of Ontario is a not-for-profit providing outreach, support and education to all adoptees, adoptive parents, potential adoptive parents, birth families, and adoption professionals in Ontario. We deal with public adoption, private adoption, international adoption and relative adoption. Since 1987, we have been working towards a provincial community where all children have families forever.

ACO is offering a therapeutic group for Adoptive parents following the model developed by Circle for Children Foundation: Changing the Script – Relationship is the Key. Participants who best benefit from this group are those adoptive parents who are presented with meeting the challenging needs of their adopted children on a daily basis. Many adoptive families struggle in parenting their child through the lens of trauma and loss. Challenging behaviours can interfere with the parent child relationship and threaten the foundation of permanence on which adoption is based.

Where: 36 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 202 | Toronto, ON, M4R 1A1

Contact: 416-482-0021 | 1-877-ADOPT 20 | | |

Planned Parenthood Toronto – Support for Young Parents

Group Name: Planned Parenthood Toronto – Time Out

Description: Planned Parenthood Toronto is a community-based, pro-choice agency committed to the principles of equity and to providing accessible and inclusive services which promote healthy sexuality and informed decision-making to the people of the City of Toronto. Our vision is a future of sexual and reproductive choice, freedom and possibilities.

Being a young parent isn’t easy. That’s why our programming for young parents puts you first, and validates your choice to parent. Whether you’re a young parent or parent-to-be (aged 29 and under), we can help connect you with the resources and tools you need to make healthy, informed decisions for yourself and your family. Spend time, learn and have fun with other young parents at our weekly drop-in program, Time Out. Dinner, childcare and TTC tokens are provided.

Where: 36B Prince Arthur Avenue | Toronto, ON M5R 1A9

When: Wednesdays from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. at Four Villages Community Health Centre, Dundas site, 3446 Dundas Street West.

Contact: 416-961-0113 Ext. 154 | |

HOPE – Helping Other Parents Everywhere

Group Name: HOPE – Helping Other Parents Everywhere

Description: At HOPE we believe that given knowledge, tools and support, parents who are troubled by the behaviours of their teen or adult children can gain the skills and strength to change their family dynamics. At HOPE, our Parent Support Group assists parents, like you, whose life is being negatively affected because of our children’s disruptive behaviour. We are a self-help group of parents who have come together to assist each other in making the personal changes that are necessary to be more effective in dealing with our problems. We are a gathering of parents only, here to give you suggestions that have worked for us and offer you HOPE, respect and support in a non-blaming, safe environment. Our children are NOT involved in our weekly meetings.

We have been providing support to parents in our community for almost fifteen years. To date, HOPE (Helping Other Parents Everywhere) has over 300 members in the Toronto and Durham areas – all parents or guardians who have, or have had acting out youth.

Where: 1740 Kingston Road, P.O. Box 64 | Pickering, ON L1V 2R2

When: Toronto North: Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Ajax/Pickering: Tuesdays from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Please contact for location details.

Contact: 1-866-492-1299 | 905-239-3577 |

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