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Peer support at 553 meters

Congratulations, Linda!

The SHRC’s Youth Outreach Coordinator, Linda Owusu, ran all the way up the CN Tower to raise money for the United Way. She has the t-shirt to prove it. As a United Way agency, we’re excited to be taking part in their annual campaign and all the work they do. Thanks to Linda for representing the SHRC up all of those flights of stairs!


Thanks for your support!


The Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon’s 5K Charity Challenge was a huge success for the SHRC. It was a beautiful morning, we had a great group of board, staff and family members out on the course, and we surpassed our fundraising goal. So thank you to all of our sponsors who made this possible.

For many on our team, it was our first time doing a 5K race. And what was so amazing–and several members on our time commented on this–was how much easier it was to run with a group of people than it had been training for the race alone. Learning how to run is so analogous to learning how to incorporate healthy activities into our lives, and it’s always easier with the support of a group of peers.

We’re looking forward to next year’s!


Peer support keeps us running!

Not only is running great for your mental and physical health, but the process of learning how to run–gradually building up your abilities, pushing yourself a bit further each week, making healthy changes in your life to support the progress you’re making, and gathering a group of peers around to support you–is a process that’s full of parallels with the experience of working with a peer support group on your own journey. So the Self-Help Resource Centre is thrilled to be running to raise money for peer support in Ontario in the upcoming Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge 5K.

The race is coming up on the 20th of October, our team of staff, volunteers, and board members is getting trained up now, and we’d love to have your support as well.¬†Help the SHRC connect people with the power of peer support. Please donate to our team by visiting Mark’s fundraising page and making a donation. All of the funds raised go to the Self-Help Resource Centre. CLICK HERE TO DONATE


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