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Afghan Women’s Organization – Support for Youth

Group Name: Afghan Women’s Organization – Support for Youth

Description: Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO) first opened its doors to address the needs of Afghan women living in Ontario. AWO began by offering English training and settlement services for newly arrived Afghan women. Not only have we significantly expanded these particular services, but have also considerably broadened the scope of our projects and programs. Currently, the AWO’s various projects and programs are assisting hundreds of Afghan refugees immigrate to Canada; helping ease the settlement process for many new immigrants in Ontario; providing resources to find employment and training opportunities; offering psychological support; and creating individual and group counseling for families, seniors and youth.

The AWO youth program is mandated to assist Youth in all aspects of adaption and integration into Canadian society through culturally-competent and linguistically –appropriate services and programs. We also provide services that are innovative and responsive to newcomer youth needs. Our program works collectively to engage youth and provide services that are creative, innovative and welcoming.

Who we serve:
The AWO Youth Program serves all Afghan Youth ages 14-29 that live in Toronto and peel region
The program has a special focus on newcomer youth and youth who are at risk
We also work in collaboration with families, and other organizations to address the needs of newcomer youth.

Where: 789 Don Mills Rd., # 700 | Toronto, ON M3C 1T5

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-588-3585 | |

JACS Toronto – Young Adult Addictions Support

Group Name: JACS Toronto – Young Adult Addictions Support

Description: JACS(Jewish Addiction Community Services) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to encouraging and assisting anyone struggling with their own or someone else’s addiction to explore recovery in a nurturing and supportive environment. JACS exists as an information resource on the effects that addiction has on family life, with a special focus on Jewish families. JACS provides support for any and all diverse populations and denominations affected by addiction.

This meeting is facilitated by addictions counselors, and is based on a life skills model. Participants range from those who want to volunteer their time, non-problem users and those who are experiencing problems resulting from substance use. The atmosphere is casual and non judgmental. Volunteer hour program available for high school students (OSSD program). This program is a highly innovative initiative that rejects the “Just Say No” message and instead asks teens to help each other make responsible decisions and provide positive peer support. Teens are told that anything they say at the meeting will be kept confidential. Parents or other adults are barred from “sitting in” or attending in any way.

Where: 858 Sheppard Avenue W. | Toronto, ON M3H 2T5

When: Every Tuesday at 6:15 p.m.

Contact: Meagan Solomon 416-638-0350 Ext. 224 |

Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre – Youth

Group Name: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre (JFCFC) – Youth

Description: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre is a community based organization driven by passion, innovation, and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement and collaboration. Their objective is to have a social and recreational mental-health program that helps meet the needs of men and women who are highly stressed or have been hospitalized because of psychiatric problems.

The Spot, Where YOU(th) Wanna Be, is located in the Yorkgate Mall and offers programming for youth between the ages of 13—30 years of age. Their youth programs are committed to increasing and building the leadership skills of youth.

The goal of their programs is to prevent violence and drug misuse as well as to promote healthy lifestyle choices. This is done through social, educational, art and recreational programming, after-school programs, leadership and mentoring programs, drop-ins, outings, volunteer and employment opportunities.

The benefits include: making new friends, gaining leadership skills, contributing to the community and opening minds to new ideas (violence prevention, anti-racism, sexual health, peer mentoring, alcohol and drugs). Youth may receive community service hours.

Where: 4400 Jane Street, #108 | Toronto, ON M3N 2K4

When: Services provided at Yorkgate Mall. 1 York Gate Blvd | North York, ON M3N 3A1. Call for event details.

Contact: 416-663-2733 Ext. 290 |

Concerned Parents of Toronto Inc.

Group Name: Concerned Parents of Toronto Inc.

Description: As an association of concerned parents and friends, they are specifically concerned with adolescents and adults who have both an intellectual disability, and mental health needs. Their role has been to lobby government for specialized services, and to inform and support parents and friends of these adults. We have published a directory of resources for adults with dual diagnosis.

Where: Mitchell Field Community Centre 89 Church Avenue | North York, ON M2N 6C9

When: Every second Wednesday of each month from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

Contact: 416-492-1468 |

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