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Discovering Our Power at Bathurst and Finch- North York Women’s Centre

Group:  Discovering Our Power at Bathurst and Finch

Description:  This is the first part of the Women’s Empowerment Series.  In this group, participants will gain an understanding of difficult emotions and the effects they have on mental and physical well-being. They will identify personal strengths and coping strategies to draw upon during stressful situations and learn how to build self esteem and confidence. This program will be delivered in partnership with Unison Health and Community Services.

Where: Bathurst Finch Hub, 540 Finch Ave. West

When:  Every Friday for 9 weeks, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, starts February 12, 2016

Contact:  Please call us at 416-781-0479 for information or to arrange an intake interview.

Resourced and Resilient Group starting at Black Creek Community Health Centre

There is a new group starting at Black Creek Community Health Centre, “Resourced and Resilient”, a Stage I Trauma Group for Female Survivors of Trauma.

The Bridges to Moms team is beginning a stage 1 trauma group at Sheridan.  The group will talk about trauma generally and will help women to fill their “tool box” with strategies that might help them to understand the effects of the trauma that they experienced, how they can continue to develop positive coping strategies as well as beginning to work on seeing themselves as survivors of trauma instead of victims.  Topics include grounding, mindfulness, setting boundaries, building self- compassion, psycho-education around what trauma is and what it means to be a survivor. The group will be only for women and referrals are still being accepted.  We want the group to be small so spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Childcare will be provided if needed.

When: Wednesday, February 10 – Wednesday, April 20th, 2015, 1:00-3:00 pm

Where: Black Creek Community Centre – Sheridan site 2202 Jane Street, Unit 5

Registration: or 647-469-0097


R&R program flyer


Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter – Counselling

Group Name: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter – Counselling

Description: Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter (EWS) was opened in 1983 by a group of community members who saw a need for a safe place for women and children fleeing violence. Since that time, Ernestine’s has assisted many families with critical immediate care services. Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, an organization run by women, provides support and shelter for women and children escaping violence. Ernestine’s assists women and children in rebuilding their lives by providing crisis intervention and a range of holistic support services, while acknowledging the multitude of issues facing survivors of abuse. Ernestine’s adapts its services to honour diversity and the unique needs of the individual.

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter provides 24-hour crisis and supportive counselling to women and children.
Counsellors work with clients to rebuild their lives by helping them set goals for the future and make plans to achieve those goals. The counsellors provide referrals and connect clients to resources. Counselling is for women and children who are experiencing violence and or abuse, have left an abusive or violent situation, are thinking of leaving an abusive or violent situation, have left the abuse or violent situation and are thinking of returning, and who want strategies for leaving an abusive or violent situation. This is a free service.

Where: P.O. Box 141, Stn. B | Etobicoke, ON M9W 5K9

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-746-3701 press O (Crisis Line) | 416-743-1733 (Main Line) | |

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Multicultural Women’s Wellness Program

Group Name: Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services – Multicultural Women’s Wellness Program

Description: Much like the rich fabric that is Canadian culture, our Polycultural family reflects the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of the communities we serve. We are dedicated to maintaining an open, inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Currently, we serve clients in over 40 different languages in our six locations across the GTA. Polycultural supports a holistic approach to serving the needs of our community by providing a range of programs including newcomer orientation, education, language, employment and family support services.

Weekly support group sessions are provided for Russian speaking women. This program is delivered in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association. The goal of the Multicultural Women Wellness Program is to promote the well-being of women who are socially isolated, experiencing cultural and linguistic barriers, and/or women who may be at risk of mental health problems due to difficult life circumstances. It is a safe place where women can meet, make friends, network, learn, remain active and have fun. For many this weekly gatherings are the only place they can meet others and avoid isolation. *** Please call ahead before attending. No fees or registration required.

Where: 27 Roncesvalles Avenue, Suite 407 | Toronto, ON M6R 3B2

When: Russian speaking group meets at a temporary location on Mondays at 3 p.m. for roughly two hours. Polish speaking group meets on Wednesday from 2 p.m. for roughly two hours.

Contact: 416-533-9471 (Polish speaking) | 416-233-0055 (Russian speaking) | |

Islamic Social Services & Resources Association – Women & Children Program

Group Name: Islamic Social Services & Resources Association – Women and Children Program

Description: I.S.S.R.A. (Islamic Social Services and Resources Association) is a non-profit organization committed to serving individuals, families and communities who are vulnerable, in distress and lack access to other services because of obstacles of culture, language, race, poverty, gender, or other barriers. Muslims and people of conscience should never forget, however, that caring for the poor and the vulnerable in our society is the duty of all able-bodied citizens.

Program for Women and Children
A support network for women and children that are changing their lives to live free from violence in their homes, families, and local communities. A network of service providers who work with the Muslim community who share expertise and resources as we increase the number of culturally sensitive service providers who work with the Muslim community.

Where: 2375 St. Clair Ave. West | Toronto, ON M6N 1K9

When: Please contact for more details.

Contact: 416-767-9358 | 416-767-1531 | |

Springtide Resources – Youth Program

Group Name: Springtide Resources – Youth Program

Description: Springtide Resources is a registered charity that develops and implements programs aimed at responding to the growing prevention, intervention and educational needs of those working toward ending violence against women and their children. Since 1978, our organization has been effectively providing training and resources to decrease the incidence of physical, psychological, emotional and sexual violence against women and the effect that woman abuse has on children.

Youth Program (Formerly the Young Women’s Program)
The Youth Program addresses the need for leadership, mentorship, and skills development opportunities for marginalized youth and young women such that they may better understand and address the violence and barriers they (and their peers and communities) experience in their lives.

Where: Suite 220, 215 Spadina Avenue | Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-968-3422 | |

HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. – Women and Children of Abuse

Group Name: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc.

Description: HFG Happy Families Support Network Inc. (HFG), is a not-for-profit organization located in Toronto that provides free, ongoing support to women and children who have experienced abuse. HFG assists mothers and their children who have experienced abuse, by providing a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that facilitates recovery from the abuse. For mothers, HFG helps with reintegration into the workforce or maintaining current jobs by sourcing the necessary skills and training that is required. HFG provides a safe environment for mothers to talk about their experiences and learn coping skills and new parenting strategies that will help in their move to lead lives without abuse.

Some of the assistance HFG will provide free of charge include:

  • Parenting classes – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Counseling – sourced through community services or in-house workshops
  • Family recreational activities with similarly situated persons and staff
  • Monthly support sessions on the last Saturday of every month for 10 months each year (we take July and August off for the summer holiday)

There is a weekly online conversation regarding violence against women. Women who feel they would benefit or are interested in learning more about are strongly encouraged to all or e-mail HFG Happy Families Support Network.

Where: 4-1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1285 | Pickering, ON, L1V 6W9

When: Please contact for more information.

Contact: 647-494-4090 | 1-866-484-9225

The Gatehouse – Partners of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Group Name: The Gatehouse – Partner Support Group Program

Description: The Gatehouse provides a range of both formal and informal support and outreach. Strategies include providing information, referrals and linkages, resource support and groups that address vulnerable target populations, a child friendly environment and integration of outreach strategies that will effectively communicate our vision, mission, objectives and services.

Partner Support Group Program

The 15 week peer led groups offer support for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in a safe and comfortable environment. A place to come together and have their voice heard. Our community based setting, supports adults as they move out of isolation and into inclusion as they continue their healing journey. Through facilitated discussions men and women are given the tools to develop or enhance positive coping skills and the impacts that childhood sexual abuse can have on an individual.

The 15 week groups discuss a different theme or topic each week and are led by two Gatehouse trained facilitators. Some of the topics that are discussed include:

  • Triggers
  • Moving out of isolation into inclusion
  • Anger
  • Inner child
  • Re establishing healthy Boundaries
  • Sexuality
  • Loss and grief
  • Addictions
  • Resiliency
  • Flashback and grounding technique

Your relationship can be a catalyst for the surfacing of past trauma(s) and this process of surfacing can be both profoundly transformational and healing, but it can also be expressed through deep struggles. ***For partners of persons currently enrolled or who have completed a Gatehouse support group program.

Where: 3101 Lakeshore Blvd. West | Toronto, ON M8V 3W8

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: 416-255-5900 |

Interval House – Women’s Program

Group Name: Interval House – Women’s Program

Description: We raise our voice for the women in our home, ensuring that domestic violence is part of the public and political agenda. Interval House provides leadership in fighting violence against women. Women and children escaping violence find a safe haven at Interval House – a home where they can heal their physical and emotional scars and rebuild their shattered lives.Our Residential Program includes: Shelter life, counselling, women’s program, and a children’s program.

Women’s Program
Our Women’s Group explores different experiences for abused women including independence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and boundaries. In addition, we also offer:

  • Expressive Art Group
  • Workshops on parenting and other relevant issues brought forward by women
  • Cultural Interpreters and ESL
  • Court Support program to help women navigate the complex legal system including the criminal courts if there are charges against their partner, family court to help women gain custody of their children, as well as connecting women to legal aid and any other emotional or practical support they need
  • Social activities: games, movies and a reminder to take a little bit of time away from your children and for yourself

Where: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 200 | Toronto, ON, M5S 1R8

Contact: 416-924-1411 | |

South Asian Women’s Centre – Senior’s Group

Group Name: South Asian Women’s Centre (SAWC) – Senior’s Group

Description: The South Asian Women’s Centre is a voluntary non-profit women’s organization run by, and for South Asian Women. Our purpose is to increase self awareness of South Asian Women and to empower women to develop their social and cultural potential. The Centre is a place where South Asian Women of all backgrounds and ages can access a variety of programs and services. We strive to provide an environment where women can work together to promote their well-being.

Senior’s Group
The group is funded by the City of Toronto CSP Partnership Program for Multilingual (Temil, Hindi, and Punjabi) isolated senior women. The group meets to discuss issues such as exercise, diet and nutrition, cultural activities, crafts, elder abuse, and health issues as they affect women who are seniors.

Where: 800 Lansdowne | Toronto, ON M6H 4K3

When: Thursdays from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Contact: Harleen Ahuja 416-537-2276 Ext. 234 | |

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