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Peer Support at Work


In recent years, most employee assistant programs (EAPs) have noticed an upswing in the number of employee mental health claims. Unfortunately, with the changing and increasingly uncertain world of work, these numbers are expected to grow. However, good self-care and social support can go a long way towards mitigating work related stress. To this, listed below are three employee self-care and social support options:

  1. Employees can be encouraged to foster at least one good work relationship! The recent State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for US Business Leaders   report notes that workers are happier in their jobs when they have friends at work.
  2. Employees can be encouraged to collaborate with their employers to develop employee peer support programs! These programs boast many benefits, including the exchange of employee best practices for self-care at work. For companies who recognize the potential benefits of developing a peer support program, the Emergency Support Network provides many useful tips (including the five organizational fallacies that hinder employee peer support programs).
  3. Employees (who are unable to make meaningful workplace connections) can be encouraged to seek support outside of work ( from a trained counsellor or from peer support groups managed outside the workplace)!

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