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Stella’s Place and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – Fitness and Wellness Program.

Group Name:  On Track – Stella’s Place in partnership with Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (MNJCC)
Description:  ONTrack is a FREE, peer-supported fitness, recreational, wellness and physical literacy program, for young adults 16-24 (If you fall outside of these age ranges please contact us and we can direct you to additional resources) with mild to moderate mood or mental health challenges.
Where:  Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 Spadina Ave. (at Bloor), Toronto Ontario M5S 2J2
When:  The program will Start Feb 8, 2016 and will run for 8 weeks until the end of March 2016.
Contact:  Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre Phone: (416) 924-6211, E-mail:

Success Beyond Limits – Support for Youth in West Toronto

Group Name: Success Beyond Limits – Support for Youth in West Toronto

Description: Success Beyond Limits is a collaborative, youth-led, community based movement that provides youth with holistic supports to complete their education and experience success in their lives. Our mission is to improve educational outcomes, expand possibilities, and support youth in Jane and Finch along their individual paths to success.

Our focus is to reduce the impact of external factors that negatively affect the educational success of youth in Jane-Finch. We operate a 6-week summer program that offers credits, mentorship, youth employment, enrichment, nutrition, engagement, graduation, and relationship building.
We continue our support through our presence within Westview Centennial Secondary School, where we operate a youth space. Through this space, our staff support youth during the school day, run an after-school program, and connect youth to an array of diverse opportunities.

Where: Room 217, Westview Centennial Secondary School | 755 Oakdale Road | Toronto, ON M3N 1W7

When: Please call for more information on programs and times.

Contact: 416-395-3320 Ext. 20215 |

Young Adult Cancer Canada

Group Name: Young Adult Cancer Canada

Description: Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) is a national not-for-profit organization based out of St-John’s, Newfoundland. Our focus is on building a supportive community with and for young adults who received a cancer diagnosis between the ages of 15 and 39, and are currently aged 18 to 39 years old. We do this through a number of in-person programs and online resources.

At YACC we have a program called Localife that operates in certain cities across the country, Toronto being one of them. Localife is an activity-based group where young adult cancer survivors enjoy fun activities and connect with their survivor peers. It aims to provide regular opportunities for young adult cancer survivors and supporters to come together to enjoy fun activities and the benefits of peer support. The program is open to anyone who received a cancer diagnosis between the ages of 15 and 39 and are currently aged 18 to 39. Survivors may also bring one supporter (aged 18-39) to each event. It is truly a great program! In addition to the activities, annual conferences are offered.

Where: 18 Argyle Street, Suite 201 | St. John’s, NL A1A 1V4

Contact: 709-579-7325 | 1-877-571-7325 | |

Family Outreach and Response -Talk to Youth Now (TTYN) Peer Support Group

Group Name: Family Outreach and Response -Talk to Youth Now (TTYN) Peer Support Group

Description: The Family Outreach and Response organization offers recovery-oriented mental health support services to families. Our staff are professionals who also have either the personal or the family lived experience.

TTYN Peer Support Group is open to youth aged 16-29 who have experienced mental health distress and would like to connect with others who have had similar experiences. Funding has been generously provided by RBC.

Where: 2333 Dundas Street West, Suite 501 | Toronto, ON M6R 3A6

When: First Wednesday and third Wednesday of every month from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Contact: Tamara Daniel 416-539-9449 Ext. 224 | | |

Afghan Women’s Organization – Support for Youth

Group Name: Afghan Women’s Organization – Support for Youth

Description: Afghan Women’s Organization (AWO) first opened its doors to address the needs of Afghan women living in Ontario. AWO began by offering English training and settlement services for newly arrived Afghan women. Not only have we significantly expanded these particular services, but have also considerably broadened the scope of our projects and programs. Currently, the AWO’s various projects and programs are assisting hundreds of Afghan refugees immigrate to Canada; helping ease the settlement process for many new immigrants in Ontario; providing resources to find employment and training opportunities; offering psychological support; and creating individual and group counseling for families, seniors and youth.

The AWO youth program is mandated to assist Youth in all aspects of adaption and integration into Canadian society through culturally-competent and linguistically –appropriate services and programs. We also provide services that are innovative and responsive to newcomer youth needs. Our program works collectively to engage youth and provide services that are creative, innovative and welcoming.

Who we serve:
The AWO Youth Program serves all Afghan Youth ages 14-29 that live in Toronto and peel region
The program has a special focus on newcomer youth and youth who are at risk
We also work in collaboration with families, and other organizations to address the needs of newcomer youth.

Where: 789 Don Mills Rd., # 700 | Toronto, ON M3C 1T5

When: Please call for more information on location and times.

Contact: 416-588-3585 | |

Frontlines – Youth Programming

Group Name: Frontlines – Youth Programming

Description: In September 1987, Frontlines opened its doors to the children and youth in Weston, offering them a safe place to “hang out” away from the streets. Since then, we have welcomed hundreds of “Westonians”, providing programs and services in our quest to help make Weston a better and safer place. Started as a drop-in centre that focused primarily on music, Frontlines has been a haven for many children and youth from the Weston community – many of whom had lost their way.

We serve children ages 8 to 13 and youth 14 to 21, providing programming that addresses the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of participants. Our programming focuses on fitness, nutrition/cooking, and the performing arts. We work from a relationship model, meaning that programs are used to teach skills and draw children and youth into relationships with our staff and other members of our community. Our staff focus on creating impactful connections with our participants; it is through these relationships and mentoring that we see the greatest transformation in the lives of our participants.

Where: 1844 Weston Road | Toronto, ON M9N 1V8

When: Please contact for more details.

Contact: 416-244-7017 | |

Adoption Council of Ontario – Youth Network

Group Name: Adoption Council of Ontario – Youth Network

Description: The Adoption Council of Ontario is a not-for-profit providing outreach, support and education to all adoptees, adoptive parents, potential adoptive parents, birth families, and adoption professionals in Ontario. We deal with public adoption, private adoption, international adoption and relative adoption. Since 1987, we have been working towards a provincial community where all children have families forever.

The Adoption Council of Ontario has been developing a Youth Network which will give adopted youth ages 14-25 the chance to connect and provide a platform for messages that they wish to share with the community. Recently, we have focused on encouraging youth to start groups in their own communities with our support. If you are interested in attending a Youth Network meeting, or starting a group in your area please contact us.

Where: 36 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 202 | Toronto, ON, M4R 1A1

Contact: 416-482-0021 Ext. 2888 | 1-877-ADOPT 20 | | |

Planned Parenthood Toronto – Support for Young Men

Group Name: Planned Parenthood Toronto – Support for Young Men

Description: Planned Parenthood Toronto is a community-based, pro-choice agency committed to the principles of equity and to providing accessible and inclusive services which promote healthy sexuality and informed decision-making to the people of the City of Toronto. Our vision is a future of sexual and reproductive choice, freedom and possibilities.

Let’s face it – going to the doctor can be daunting. You may worry about issues affecting your health – from mental health and relationships to STIs, sex, and substance use– but something always seems to stand in the way of seeking the services of a doctor, nurse, or counselor.

We will work with you to build healthier relationships and develop your understanding of sexual health including support for your definitions of masculinity. We offer workshops, resources, health services and programming designed to help you overcome hurdles and take control of your health. For example, our Bust That’ Myth programming, developed in consultation with young men and service providers in Toronto, breaks down the myths that are barriers to guys accessing health services. Our workshops give you a judgment-free zone where you can talk freely about issues that matter to you, like sex, sexuality, and building healthier relationships.

Where: 36B Prince Arthur Avenue | Toronto, ON M5R 1A9

Contact: 416-961-0113 Ext. 152 | |

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands – Girls Group

Group Name: Women’s Health in Women’s Hands – Love Me, Love Me MORE

Description: Women’s Health In Women’s Hands is a Community Health Centre for racialized women living in Toronto and surrounding municipalities. Our primary health care team of highly skilled health care professionals specialize in the health and wellness needs of racialized women and prioritizes those from African, Caribbean, Latin American and South Asian communities. Our services are fully accessible and designed to address the barriers that prevent women from being in excellent health.

Love Me, Love Me MORE: Are you a woman of colour aged 16-24? Come out and feel empowered, gain skills, meet new people and have fun! Food and TTC tokens are provided. **** Languages: English and Spanish and registration is required.

Where: 2 Carlton Street, Suite 500 | Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

When: January 21st 2015 through June 17, 2015. Every third Wednesday of the month from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Contact: Simone 416-593-7655 Ext. 4867 | |

Regent Park Community Health Centre – Youth Health Service

Group Name: Regent Park Community Health Centre – Youth Health Service

Description: Regent Park Community Health Centre (RPCHC) was established in 1973. It is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving the health of Regent Park area residents and the community as a whole, by providing high quality, integrated primary health care services, health promotion services and community capacity building. Our priority is to reduce the health inequities experienced by low-income, immigrant & refugee, non-status and marginally-housed & homeless populations.

Do you have any health concerns? Are you feeling stressed? Do you have any questions about your body? Come to the Youth Health Service.

  • Youth ages 14 – 25
  • No Health Card needed
  • Private/confidential
  • Youth-friendly

Staffed by a nurse and nurse practitioner who have access to social workers, housing worker and consulting physician and psychiatrist. The health service is available for any physical and emotional needs of youth including any experience with violence. We can help!

Where: 465 Dundas Street East | Toronto, ON M5A 2B2

When: Mondays: 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Contact: 416-364-2261 |

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