What we did

About Us:

The Self Help Resource Centre (SHRC) closed its doors to the public on May 5 2017. SHRC was a non­-profit, charitable organization from 1987 to 2017. We connected people with peer support groups and initiatives supporting them in overcoming major life challenges and transitions on the path to improved health and happiness. We did this through training and supporting peer support leaders, providing resources to groups and individuals, operating an online database and information referral line, managing peer support programs at large organizations, and delivering wellness seminars, workshops, and programs.

Click here for a brief history of SHRC: [Word] [PDF]

Peer Support

The Self-Help Resource Centre defines peer support as a process of sharing common experiences, situations or challenges. Peer support is an exchange of getting and giving support. It involves the practice of self-care and sharing “what works”. Peer Support is not based on medical models of illness and disorder, rather it is the provision of emotional, practical and informational supports by people with lived experiences, to cultivate mutual empowerment. Peer support initiatives are run by and for the participants.


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