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Community Workshops – Starting and Sustaining Peer Support Groups

Whether it’s a group focused on healthy living with a chronic health issue, new parents supporting each other, a skills-based group for people on the job-hunt, or a neighbourhood group building resilience and social support, peers who understand the experience and the issues are the best leaders for the group. We bring the skills and the resources to help those leaders draw on their knowledge and insights to create and sustain peer support groups that bring positive, transformative change to people’s lives.

Our community workshops are very collaborative and visual, incorporating human-centered design principles and peer support techniques into the training. Community members already know what needs to happen and the challenges they’ll encounter to making it happen, so we provide a framework through the workshops for bringing that knowledge to the surface and empowering leaders to apply it in a peer support group setting.

Self-Help Resource Centre offers free training for people interested in learning how to facilitate their own peer support group, offer one-on-one peer support, or for general interest. Support groups can be for anyone or anything! Groups can focus on a particular health challenge or an activity that will help with that challenge, such as a walking or yoga group for mental health. We provide peers with foundational values and concepts in peer support, as well as, suggestions for starting and successfully running peer support groups in the community.

This two day training begins with perspectives in peer support, negotiating conflict, and facilitator skills & tools. Participants will come away with an Action Plan on how they will achieve their vision and goals for starting, running, and maintaining a peer support group. The second day of training delves into practical ways to overcome the common challenges that peer workers, facilitators, and groups encounter. It’s a great opportunity for peer leaders to bring their experience to the group and explore facilitator ethics, effective communication, tension & conflict, etc. There is also an opportunity to practice facilitation and build personal and professional  peer support skills such as, mindful listening, self-compassion, self-care, and more.

Next training dates:  February 16 & 17, 2017

If you would like to register for an upcoming workshop, please contact or call 416-487-4355 Ext. 21

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